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Ill tell mine if u tell urs ( i have lots)


say the most embarrising moments uve had with ur crush!


its kinda off topic but welll............idk one of mine is becasue of my bella-like clumsiness so it counts ( ithink?)

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Oh sorry mayooya that sounds pretty bad- one of mine is the inability to always think before i say something which i mostly always do but not always. another time is when i tripped on a ramp i didnt see and scraped my knee so bad i hated to be crying in front of him but i got attention at least
ooooooh that sux

i had dis confidence in me tht i can talk 2 my crush as easily as i talk 2 my frndz.once v wr alone in r class.

i was trying 2 act cool . i sauntered upto him and said HI!! i hv dis stammering prob at tymz. So,when i was talking 2 him,i got hyper-excited n started stammering.He gv me tht look n walked out of the class. i just stood der,staring aftr was 1 of the worst moments in my lyf n i felt lyk kicking myself. tht guy was popular n he hated girls lyk me. i stopped luking at him aftr tht cuz i was too embarrased . i was in 6th std at tht tym.

Wellllll, my worst crush minute was when i went to kiss him and i had my eyes shut and so i leaned in and idk that he had stepped back for something so i fell flat on my face in front of all his friends... he was like r u okay and im like yeah but all his friends were laughin at me :((

omg! thats really bad- u have guts though cuz i'd never be able to go up to him and kiss him

When he came it was freaky.


I have two pretty bad ones with my old crush.


One: Nick (my old crush) picked me to dance with him. The bad part is my hands starting sweating when I was dancing with him.

Two: I was in 10th grade at homecoming and I thought I had to tell Nick that I had a crush on him. I went and got him ...then, I toke him in the hallway. I said this to Nick "Nick, I like you alot !" and he then told me that he just got out of a relationship but he gave me his phone number. I also gave him my phone number too.

I never broke mine up it still wants me & never leaves me and never leaves me. My relationship 4-ever!


Somebody actually found out & now death to pay. Black/Star from Bella!


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