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Whats the clumsiest thing u have ever done? omg im the clumsiest person ever i have tripped over nothing and then got up and flipped over a table! and then i tripped one more time it sucked!!!! ;) and ive done a lot more! ;) lol

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This is definitely not my worst Bella Moment but it's the one I remember when I think "ClUtZ!'

We were having an awards ceremony at the end of the school year. Everyone sat on HUGE bleachers in the gym and then when they called your name, you would walk down the bleachers to get your award.
I was in all types of clubs so I got lots of awards.
They called my name and I headed down to get it. Right near the bottom, I stepped on the back of my flip flop and nearly fell down the last ten bleachers. Luckily, I caught myself. But when I got to the very bottom, I stepped too far forward on the bleacher and slipped down to the floor. I was right where everyone could see me. But I didn't make a huge deal out of it.
Then, on the way up, one of the teachers I have last year jokingly said 'You aren't to trip onto me again, are you Salzwedel?" because right by him was where I tripped.
Sure enough, the next award I got, I did the same thing.
I was thinking 'ReAlLy?!?!?'
when i was three i sprained my ankle tripping on my grandma's foot- it was a very Bella moment- and im not kidding. Lol

a few years ago in winter, i made a cup of warm milk.

it was really hot and almost filled to the top so i was walking really slowly.

to get to my lounge room from the kitchen, there are two small steps, but at the time they werent there because we were renovating.

so as i stepped down i tripped and fell to the floor.

but the weird thing is, is that the milk didnt spill. i had the cup up in the air while i was on the floor and not 1 drop of milk came out of the cup.


The clumsiest thing I have ever done way when I was playing volleyball in gym and tried to hit and missed, tripped over the person next to me, and then got hit in the face with the ball!!!! LOL!!!! Then next period, I ended up tripping over my desk and then ran straight into the door!!!!LOL!!!!!
I keep falling down the stairs and tripping over myself, my cat oreo and other people. Doing the same thing over and over again is so not cool!

I was demonstrating how to do a 'correct' ninja kick, which wasn't a good idea from the start based on the fact that many of my teachers have told me I'm the clumsiest person they have ever met. Anyways, when i swung my leg up to kick I flipped over and hit my head on the concrete floor and then proceeded to land on my hip and my elbow. 


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