The Twilight Saga

OKAY, i'm like Bella because:

1) I'm clumsy
2) I love wolves
3) I trip on flat surfaces* (copy right :) )
4) I am clumsy (DUH)
5) I also have brown hair (but mines better :D jk mine is like red)
6) um. idk.
8) Our names both have "ella" in them (thats my bfffl's name XD)

Now, how im NOT like Bella :)
1) I'm random
2) I play video games (halo!!!! Call of Duty!!!)
3) I do not fall in love with the single vampire that lives in my home town
4) My dad is not a sheriff (SHERIFF NOT COP)
5) I do not know anyone named Edward. ( i know a Eduardo tho XD )
6) I'm just awesum like that
8) don't ask
9) I'm going completely off topic.
10) OKAY i'm done wasting your time ;)

thanks for reading, and please add how you are and aren't like Bella in a comment :)

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Why, I'm like Bella :
1. I'm clumsy
2. I trip on flat surfaces all so.
3. I have brown hair
4. My hair is about has long has Bella's
let's see....

1.) i'm super clusmy
2.) i'm a magnet for danger/trouble
3.) i have brown hair
4.) i have brown eyes
5.) i love to read (espcially classics)
6.) i'm smart (book smart anyways)
7.) i'm short
8.) i'm in love with a vampire
9.) my best friend's name is Jacob
10.) i hate getting presents'
11.) i hate when ppl spend $ on me
12.) i hate pitcures
13.) i hate getting dressed up

i'm not like Bella becasue...

1.) even though i'm a clumsy person i love to dance (but not slow dance)
2.) my dad isn't a sheriff (but he does work in law enforecement)
3.) i play on a sports team ( tennis)
4.) umm not sure what else
lol i'll just stop now :P
1. Clumsy
2. Slip on ice.
3. Uncorrdenated
4. Trip over flat surfaces
5. I love someone named Edward. (No lie)

Not like bella
1. My hair is more blondish
2. I don't actually know someone named jacob
3. My dad's name is Charlie
4. I don't live in Forks
5. My hair is short and kinda wavy.

Why I'm like Bella:

1. I'm brunette

2. I'm really clumsy

3. Fell in Love when I was a teenager

4. Got married when I was 18 to an older man.

5. Broke my right leg.

6. I've always used strawberry shampoo lol

7. I hate the sight of blood.

8. I love to read

9. I live in a small town.

10. I have pale skin  


I'm not like Bella because:

1. I'm taller then Bella

2. I'm podgier then Bella lol

3. I live in the UK.

4. I don't actually know any Vamps or Wolves lol

5. I'm vegetarian (Although in the movie, she does tend to eat more veggy stuff, garden burgers, Salad, mushroom ravioli etc lol)


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