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My favorite Cullen is Reneesmee cause I think she is a mix of a fun, happy, sensative, energetic,,loving girl

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Fallen Angel~

I have 2 favorites. My first is Bella that is because she reminds me of me. willing to go to any lengths to be with my man ( he's my husband now). all the way to sacrificing my life if need be.
My second is Alice she reminds me of my best friend always bubbly, energetic and very loving and a true friend until the end.
I LOVE Edward Cullen cuz he's so charming. and definitely Alice, the bubbly one!
alice and edward
My favourite Cullen is Alice because she is just like me :X: :X::X
ALICE!!!! =)

Because she is always happy, she animates the entire story and she is the first one to accept Bella in the family.
Fallen Angel~

I just can't choose! I love them all! I would love to be a member of that family!
Carlisle. Because he is so calm and colleted in any situation that comes his way. He is also a great father figure to his adopted kids and also he welcomes Bella with open arms into the family without a hesitation. And also I have rspect for how much he loves his family and Esme and how he always puts them before him and his needs. He is also great because he is willing to help anyone that needs it.

my fav is japer because he is really like a brother to me and i am his sister you know.


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