The Twilight Saga

From the moment I had been born, my life had a purpose. Dad didnt particularly like it but then again, neither did Mum. The love between Jacob and I was the only important thing in my life.
It had taken five years for me to reach an age where the love I felt for Jacob changed to true love but now it had. Now it was time to start my life with Jacob. My Jacob.

Chapter 1
Jacob stepped off the boat and held out his arms towards me. The moonlight glinted off the wedding band on his left hand and I glanced down at my own. With a satisfied sigh, I jumped gracefully from the boat, shifting my weight so as not to hurt him.
He caught me gently and kissed the tip of my nose.
"Not even a scratch," he said reading my expression. "You woory too much," he chuckled. "Just like your mother."
"Can't help it," I laughed in my tinkling, birdsong voice. "What with you being all breakable and vulnerable." I smirked. That was sure to get a reaction. It always did.
"Oh really now? Vulnerable am I? Renesmee Carlie Cullen, get ready to eat your words." The soud of him still saying my maiden name sent a jolt of guilt and regret pulsing through my body.
I would have loved to be Mrs. Black but due to us having to go to school and me technically being too young to be married, Jacob had taken the name Cullen to be able to pass as another of the Cullen's 'foster kids'.
He saw the guilt in my eyes and a little crease appeared between his eyes. "I don't mind being associated with Rosalie if this makes it easier on everyone," he said trying to lighten the tone.
"Awww, come on, Jake! Rose is trying really hard. Cut her some slack." The truth be told, she was trying to not to rip him to shreds.
"Trying hard not to rip me apart," he chuckled darkly with scary accuracy. "Anyway, I think I was going to prove my point that I'm not vulnerable," he growled with an excited glint in his eye.
"Oh' really?" I asked jumping out of his arms and scooping him up. "Well Mr Not Vulnerable, why is it that I'm able to carry you and the bags?" I raced to the house before me with one arm carrying Jacob and the bags in my other hand. I gently kicked the door open and carried him inside. "Over the threshold, as they say," I giggled' setting him on his feet.
"You know, that doesn't do much for my ego when you go all freakishly strong on me," he grumbled, stalking into the depths of the house.
I sighed and closed my eyes. Stupid, over-sensitive werewolf.
After a few seconds silence, I decided to follow him and calm him down before he broke anything.
I'd never been to this island before (so if he broke something, I was dead), but I knew that about 15 miles to the northwest was Grandma's island, Isle Esme. It had been a present from Grandpa many years ago and it made me wonder who this amazing island belonged to.
As I followed the same path Jacob had taken, I passed a dark wooden pannelled room filled, from floor to ceiling, with books. Wow. No wonder everyone in the family had read so much except for Rose and Emmett. 'Rosalie would rather look in a mirror and we're not even sure that Emmett can read. He's took much of a beast' was the story everyone stuck to. I knew the truth. I may only technically be five, but I wasn't stupid.

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this is good
please continue
Chapter 1 continued
As I turned to carry on my exploration of the house, a huga pair of arms caught my waist and spun me around.
Jacob's dazzling smile was an inch from my face and his sweet breath washed over me. My mind instantly clouded and my breathing became erratic.
"I thought maybe you'd got lost so I came to find you. I didnt realise a room full of books was more appealing than me." He looked disgruntled but I saw the teasing in his eyes.
"Have you forgiven me for hurting your ego then?" I asked playfully, tapping his chest.
"I suppose so. I'd be willing to show you just how much you're forgiven. If you'd like," he added seriously. "I can wait if you want. I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do."
"Jacob, we agreed to wait until after we were married and I'm going to hold out on you any longer. I might explode if I do." I giggled and reached up to hook my arms around his neck.
He lifted me so that I wouldnt have to stretch and pressed his lips gently to mine. "Let's go then," he said carrying me down the hall to what I assumed would be the bedroom.
"Um, I hate to spoil the mood, but can I have a minute to myself?" I asked warily, not wanting to hurt his feelings.
"Of course," he said, confused but not upset. He set me gently on my feet and took a step back.
"Wait for me in the bedroom," I ordered. I grabbed my suitcase from by the door and flew through the house until I found the bathroom.
On my way through, I caught a glimpse of the bedroom.
It was light and airy. The walls were the same colour as the sand that seemed to seep in through the doors, across the floor and up the walls. There were a few pieces of light coloured furniture but the thing which really captured my attention was the huge, four poster bed.
The frame was the same colour as the sandy walls and floor and a huge net cascaded over it like a canopy. Under the masses of the net, was a bed that seemed to be bigger than Jacob's whole room at home. The pillows and the cover were both a deep, luxurious red. It looked softer than anything I had ever encountered.
Once I was in the bathroom, I flipped open my suitcase in one fluid movement.
"Thank you, Alice," I muttered to myself, taking in the piles of lace, silk and satin.
Alice approved of my fashion sense but had still insisted on packing my suitcase.
"A wedding present," she'd said with a smirk.
I knew she had toned down her original plan as when she had first thought of it, Dad had been in the room and whatever she had been planninn caused him to sink into a defensive crouch and growl so loudly, I heard it from halfway down the three-mile driveway. It still contained everything I wanted even with dad's input.
I gently and quickly sifted through the garments finally deciding on a silk, baby pink camisole and shorts to match. I didn't want to start with the more revealing pieces as I thought they would need a build up.
I continued the search through the suitcase and pulled out a hairbrush. I pulled the pins from my curls and let them cascade down my back, appreciating the silky feeling they left in their wake. I gently tugged the brush through my hair and instantly, it sprang back into perfect coils.
I placed the brush on the counter, next to the sink, and took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom.
I walked slowly through the house, at the pace I would usually reserve for the presence of a human. I worked my way down the light corridor and entered the bedroom which was now lit by candles on every open surface.
very awesome!
AWSOME work on spelling :) FINISH IT QUIKLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! You are a great writer. I would like to see more. So please add more.


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