The Twilight Saga

Renesmee and Jake's lives are super hectic. Renesmee is pregnant and Kayla is showing to be about 8-9 months pregnant. Nessie is scared though......Jake, Seth, and Mason are nowhere to be found.Nessie, Leah and Carlie are so worried, they can't find them anywhere and scared that they are in danger, or hurt.




Mason, Carlie, and EJ's Birthday-July 12th, 2012(1st set of Nessie's Triplets)

Allie, Josh, and Kayla's Birthday-March 19th, 2013(2nd set of Nessie's Triplets)

Zach's Birhday-November 21st, 2013(Leah and Mason's son)

Kendall's Birthday-February 12th, 2014(Kayla and David's daughter)

Drew and Kylie's Birthday-March 13th, 2014(Nessie's Twins)

Logan's Birthday-April 3rd, 2014(Carlie and Seth's son)

Rachel and Joey's Birthday-December 9th, 2014(Nessie's 2nd set of Twins)

Heather's Birthday- December 9th, 2014(Leah and Mason's daughter)

Ashlynn's Birthday-December 9th, 2014(Allie and Embry's Daughter)



Leah and Mason's Wedding-October 19th, 2012

Carlie and Seth's Wedding-June 30th, 2013

Allie, and Embry's Wedding-March 20th, 2014

EJ and Madi's Wedding-August 16th, 2014

Josh and Elena's Wedding-Decmber 9th, 2014

Kylie and Collin's Wedding-Apirl 19th, 2015




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Jake saw the note and he took it out of my hand and threw it.

"Come on. Lets have this one perfect night and deal with this tomorrow. With the whole family." Jake told me. He kissed me and I pulled away.

"I......I'm scared though." I told him. He kissed me again. Then I pushed him on the bed. "Fine, tonight is just you and I." I kissed and and we were in our perfect little world.

The next morning Jake and I went over to the main house and everyone was there. We started to talk about the note when we heard a scream.

"What was that?" Rose asked.

"I don't know, but I'm bout to find out." Jasper said.

"Edward, Carlie come out here now." Jasper said. They did, and everyone else to. Elena was on the ground bleeding and Josh was by her side.

"What happened?" Jake asked.

"I don't know a wolf, or a bear attacked her......" He trailed off. "I would have changed her but I couldn't do it."

"Change her Carlisle." Edward said.

"Are you sure you want this Josh?" Carlisle asked.

"I want her by my side no matter what." He replied. Carlisle bit her and she screamed. I picked her up and took her inside and layed her on the couch. She was screaming for about 5 minutes. Then she was quite for 2 or 3 hours. We all heard her heart start to slow down and then stopped. Josh was by her side when she opened her eyes. A big gasp of air escaped her mouth.

"Hey." Josh said.

"What happened? Why don't you feel cold to me anymore?" She questioned him.

"Well a wolf attacked you and Carlisle couldn't save you so he had to........change you." Josh told her.

"So I'm a vampire." She said.

"Yeah." He replied while standing up. Elena stood up and gave him a big hug and knocked him over.

"Ow." Josh said laughing.

"Sorry." She said. "I had to do that." She smiled.

"Well now you try not hurt me will you." Josh said. I walked outside with Jake. Something was moving inside of me.

"Um Jake." I said.

"What's wrong."

"Something moved inside of me just now......." I told him and Carlisle was outside telling us to go upstairs into his office. Having him do those physical things become less akward everytime.

"Well you are. But are you sure you want them? Since Aro is coming soon." Carlisle said.

"Well yes, so are we going to have everyone down here again?" I asked him.

"Yes. Alice says they are going to come around April or May of next year." He told me.

"That's awesome." I said.

"Well it's twins again." He said with a big smile.

"Jake after this we are done." I looked at Jake with a smile.

"I know, I know." He said and started to blush.

"Congrats Ness." Dad said. After he said that everyone else said it to.

"Thanks everyone." I said. Zach walked in with Courtney.

"You have a huge family." She said. Looking at everyone. Zach looked at me holding my belly. I shook my head yes.

"Yeah well we are adding......" He trailed off for me to finish.

"Two more." I finished.

"Oh thats great." Leah, and Allie walked up to me.

"Mom, dad Allie and I are pregnant." Leah told me.

"Great 3 hormonal women in the house......"Emmett said with a smile.

"Yeah you better watch out." I said pointing a finger towards him.

"Ha." He laughed a me and pushed my finger away. "Hey Josh and Elena are back from hunting." He said.

"How'd it go?" Alice asked.

"Good." Elena said. "We figured out what to tell my parents. Well actually I'm just not going to go home, just go missing." She said.

"I thought of it because some humans went hiking while we were hunting and they weren't there before. I snapped out of it andhad to drag her away. She was like 12 feet from them and about to pounce." He told us.

"She wouldn't be able to be with her family then." Mom said.

"Trashcan!" I said. Mom threw me a trashcan and I threw up.

"You, ok?" Jake said while rubbing my back. I shook my head yes.

"Well then, don't we have a wedding to plan? I mean seriously we have 2 more weeks to finish it. Just tell her family its cancelled." Alice says with a smile and that ringing in her voice.

"Yeah and we will all be like 6-7 months pregnant." I said with a laugh. Allie and Leah joined in. Jake came up behindme and started rubbing my stomach.

"I can feel them moving." He said in my hear.

"Hmmmmm, this moment in life is good." I said with a smile.

"It sure is, now we got a wedding to plan." He says with his grin.


"Get up Joshua!!!!! You have a big day!!!" I told him. He groaned.

"UGH! It's so early!" He said.

"Its 11 and the wedding starts at 2 get up."

"Crap." He said jumping up.

"Jake!" I yelled at him.

"What?!" He looked at me scared.

"They're moving." I said with a smile. He came over and put his hand on my stomach.

"Don’t scare me like that." He said with a smile. “You know you’re getting close." He said looking at my stomach.

"I know. I'll be ready though" I say to him smiling. I went into Alice's room to get ready. When I was finished it was time to go into the backyard. Since Elena is supposed to be missing we had to have Emmett get some license to wed or something like that. Anyways he can legally marry them.

Josh and Elena's wedding is so beautiful. It looks like a tropical getaway. Sand on the ground, rocks as seats (they are very comfortable); it's all just very beautiful. Josh's groomsmen are EJ and Drew, and then Mason is the best man. Elena's bridesmaids are Madi and Kylie, and Leah as the maid of honor. The music changed and Elena started to walk down the aisle. She is by herself since she is 'missing' and her dad is not here. Elena is wearing a light pink beachy type dress. It flows in the wind. When she gets to Josh is face lights up when she touches his hand. They say there vows and Emmett makes them laugh the whole time. They kiss and everyone jumped up and started clapping.

"Well I can still get something in tonight right?" Jake whispered in my ear.

"Nope I need my rest." I looked at him with a smile, then we got oup to go to the reception. At the reception it wasn't anything really. Its just a small little party thats lasted about an hour.

"Bye Josh!" I said to him. He waved bye and drove off.

"Jakey!" I said to him.

"What?" He asked my trying to take his tux off. He looked like he was having a difficult time doing it.

"Come here." I said as I walked up to him. I took his tie off, then is jacket. I unbuttoned his shirt and I stopped there. "You tricked me." I told him looking up to find him smiling.

"Well I know that you like my body." He said with a smile, and leaned down to kiss me. He unzipped my dress.

"No, no, no. I'm almost due I can't be doing anything that........makes my heart rate go up...." I said but he still unzipped my dress and threw it somewhere and started kissing me. I pulled away and my hands flew to my stomach.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Get Carlisle. Now!" I told him and he called him and grandpa was over here quickly.

"Get her to my office she is in labor." I heard grandpa say but I had gotten a sharp pain and screamed. I grabbed Jake's arm, then he picked me up and carried me to grandpas office. After he was finished with the C-section it was about 2 hours before I saw the babies.

"Baby # 1 is a girl. Baby # 2 is a boy." Alice said. I knew she wanted names.

"Baby 1 is Rachel Elenor Black. Baby 2 is Joseph Lawrence Back." I said as Alice handed me Rachel. "Beautiful." Of course they look about a year old. Then Joesph just sat next to me.

"Joey!" I heard someone call him.

"Ya." He replied.

"Come here son." It was Jake. Joey ran up to Jake and gave him a hug. "Good names babe." Jake said winking at me.


"I'm going to go help out with Leah and Allie." Alice said.

"Oh what did they have?" I asked Jake.

"Leah had a girl and Allie had a girl too." Jake told me. "Leah named hers Heather Danielle Black and Allie named hers Ashlynn Brooke Call." Jake told me. There was a knock on the door and everyone looked to the door, I hope its not the Voulturi......


"Who is it Jake?" I asked and my heart started beating faster.

"Calm down." He came over to me and put his hand on my face. "It's not them."

"Nessie! Could you come down here a minute." Dad yelled.

"Some humans. And some vamps just arrived." Jake told me as I left the room. Joey decided to tag along.

"Yes dad?" I asked him.

"This is Corntey's parents. They came to pick up Courtney." Dad said.

"Oh, Hi. I'm Renesmee, but you can call me Nessie." I told them as I reached for each of their hands.

"I'm Dave, and this is my wife Mandy." Dave said.

"I will go get Courtney for you." I told them.

"Oh, and Nessie, our cousins from Alaska are here." Dad told me.

"Ok." I said as I went up the stairs. I walked into the room Courney and Zach were in.

"Oh, um sorry." I said. I walked in on them doing it.

"Grandma!" Zach said.

"Shhhhh." I told him. " Courtney's parents are here to pick her up."

"Well how did they find me...........ugh the stupid GPS they put in my jacket." She said as she put her jacket on. She went over to Zach and she gave him a kiss. "See you tomorrow." I walked her down stairs. I stopped her before we got all the way down stairs.

"You know you can stay over here anytime you want."

"Like stay the night." She asked questioningly.

"Yupp. I'm perfectly fine with it. As long as you dont tell his parents I told us this." I started laughing and she joined in.

"Well thanks for having me over." Courtney said as we walked up to her parents. We waved bye as they drove off.

"Nessie!!" Tanya said as she came up to give me a hug.


"Oh, my you have such a big family. I must say that you and wolf boy had some fun." She said with a smile.

"Well I can't control myself." Jake said with a smile. I started blushing

"Oh shut up." Dad said with a disgusted look.

"Whatever dad. So is everyone on their way?" I asked Carlisle.

"Yes. Zafrina should be here within 2 or 3 days." He replied

"Oh yay! I havn't seen her in forever." I said. "Joey, Rachel come here please." They came and we  went back to or house where we found Addy and Drew on the couch and Collin and Kylie watching tv in her room. We put Joey and Rachel down and went to bed. We have a long next few weeks.


"Nessie!!!" Zafrina yelled.

"Zafrina!!!! I missed you so much!!" Said as I ran up to give her a hug.

"You have grown so much!" She told me.

"I know."

"Let me see all these kids of yours."

"Well we have a lot." I looked back at Jake.

"Show me. ”She said with a smile.

"Ok. Mason, Carlie, EJ, Allie, Josh, Kayla, Drew, Kylie, Rachel, and Joey come here please." I said. They all came and so did their partners and kids.

"You weren't lying." Zafrina said in shock.

"Well I'm going to start with the wolves. Mason and his wife Leah and their son Zach, his girlfriend Courtney is human, and daughter Heather. Allie and her husband Embry and their daughter Ashlynn. Drew, his girfriend Addy is a human. Kylie and her boyfriend Collin." I said. I took a breath and I was about to start again.

"There is more?" She asked.

"Alot more." I said with a smile.

"Great, well let me get comfortable." She said as she sat down.

"Ok so the vampires. Carlie and her son Logan but her husband Seth is a wolf. Josh and his wife Elena. Rachel and Joey are one of the newest ones." I looked at her and she was amazed.

"Whoa." She said.

"Now for the mixtures, they have vampire, human, and wolf in them. So EJ, his wife Madi is a human. Kayla, her husband David is human and their daughter Kendall is a mix, ans her boydriend Brady is a wolf."  I think I got everyone double checking just to make sure.

"You missed one mom." I heard someone say.

"Who? And who said that?" I asked.Then Madi and EJ walked out. Madi was rubbing her stomach.

"Our unborn little one here." EJ said with a smile.

"Congradualtions!!" I said going up to Madi andgiving her a hug.

"Thank you." She said.

"Dude Stefen and Vladimr are here." Emmett said with a smile.

"It's really happening." I said under my breath.

"Yeah you weren't even a year old when everyone came down here." Dad said.

"But we have a bigger defense now with all the young ones and the non-human partners." Emmett said. Obviously Madi, David, Addy, and Courtney aren't going to be able to fight. They would die instantly. Maybe Elena shouldn't fight unless Josh or someone else teaches her to fight.

"Got that right." Dad said.

"Stop reading my mind, or I will make you wish you never read it." I told him with a huge smile on my face. I looked at Jake and he smile and blushed as he walked over to me.

"Now, now we don't want to scar him for eternity." Jake whispered in my ear.

"Ok gross." Dad saidwith a disgusted looked. I smiled.

"Ah Nessie, I see your still with the dog." Vladimir said flashing a smile to Jake.

"Always and forever." I told them about all the kids and they were just amazed at how much Jake and I 'get it on' as they said.

"Well you sure are a lucky man. She is beautiful, she could have gotten any guy she wanted." Stefen told Jake.

"Yeah but I got her. All to myself." Jake said. He came over to me and put his arms around my waist.

"Looks like more vamps are here." Collin said. "I can smell them in here." He said with a smile.


"Benjamin!" I said.

"Sup Nessie!" He said with a smile and giving me a hug.

"Hello Tia." I said looking towards her.

"You sure have grown up since last time. With all these kids of yours the Volturi will surely back down." She told me in reassurance.

"Amun, Kebi." I said acknowledging they were there.

"Well thats everyone." Uncle Jazz said. I looked over to Alice and she was about to say something but she stopped and started to stare off.

"Alice! Alice what did you see?" I asked her.

"Aro and Cauis. They decided, purposely knowing I'm watching, they will be here next week." Alice said. Addy, Courtney, Madi, and David were all sitting on the couch. I walked over to them.

"Are you guys ok with them fighting?" I asked them.

"I'm mean Zach is strong enough to take care of himself, they all are." Courtney said.

"I don't want Kayla or Kendall to get hurt.........." David said.

"I'm not." Kayla said.

"But what about Kendall." David said.

"She'll be ok." Kayla replied with a reassuring voice.

"I'll protect her." Brady said.

"I can take care of my self thank you very much." Kendall said.

"I couldn't stand watching Drew fight." Addy said looking at Drew.

"You guys will be at home." Drew said.

"Yeah, about that." Grandpa said.

"What?" Drew asked him.

"The Volturi know the humans you are assiociated with, and they know that they know about our world, they would probably go find them at their homes." Grandpa told him.

"So what are you saying they are gonna watch us fight?" EJ said.

"Well Edward and I were thinking Bella and you four would stay behing everyone and protect them. Since Bella has better control of her sheild she can stil have the sheild around us and you at the same time." He finished.

"What if the sheild fails?" Madi says.

"It wont." Mom said.

"That way we really dont have to fight, unless they get around them." Kayla said smiling a David. "Kendall can fight better than I can." She replied to David's facial expression. Kendall smiled.

"Well It's late. Time for the us to get some sleep." I told the vampire's, since they never sleep.

The next day went by fast until about 4 in the afternoon. Kayla and David were talkingin the meadow about a mile from the house. Jake and I being the noise parents we are decide to listen to them.

"Well I was going to do this romanticly." David said.

"I knew he was going to do it." Jake mumbled.

"So did I...." I trailed off as I started to listen to their conversation again.

"I loveso much and I want us to be together, forever. Kayla Renay Black will you do me the honor and marry me?" David asked.

"YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!!!!!!!" She screamed and he got up and put the ring on her finger. She gave him a hug but ended up knocking him down. They started to make their way back to the house when we hear something behind us.

"Oh, god Kylie you scared me!" I told her.

"What's up Kylie?" Jake asked her. She put her left hand out and there on the ring finger was a dimond ring.

"Collin propsed?"I asked with excitment.

"Yes!" She said with a big smile. Then Kayla and David walked in and told us.

"Dates???????" Alice asked in a hurry.

"April 19th, 2015."Kylie said. Collin looked at her with a shocked face. "What?"

"That was just a quick answer." He said.

"I've always wanted to get married on that day. I don't know why."She answered.

"May 13th, 2015" David said.

So we have a fight to prepare for, and two wedding s to plan. Now I'm hoping we all don't die..........


"Come on mom." Drew said.

"I don't want them to see all of them."I told him.

"Then we'll be at our house. I've already told them and they already asked their parents. Please?" Drew begged. He wanted some of his friends to come over. Only one of them knew about us but the rest don't.

"We can stay at the main house. We are not going to bother them Nessie." Zafrina said.

"Fine. But stay at the house ok." I told him.

"Yes. Thank you mom."

"They better be cute boys Drew." Rachel said with a smile. "I'm just kidding gosh."

"Whatever Rachel, you better not imprint on them." He told her. Rachel is a wolf and Joey is a vampire, but either way they both could imprint. But Rachel is almos full grown and she's no even six months yet, and so is Joey.

"Matt's here. Is it ok if he comes in." I guess so but not for long.

"Hey, Zach" Matt said as he pet Zach's head.

"Zachery! What did I tell you about phasing in front of company." Leah scolded him. His head fell and she threw clothes at him. He phased back and greeted Matt.

"Sup, man you hanging with Drew today?" He asked.

"Yeah, me, Alex, and Taylor are." Matt replied.

"Well then I guess you'll be at his house then." Zach said.


"Let's go inside." They walked in and Matt greeted the family, and everyone else was in the back yard.

"Joey!!!! Give me my phone!" Rachel yelled as she chased Joey into the livingroom, where we all were, and tackled him.

"Ok, ok." He threw her phone. "Fetch doggy fetch!" He teased her, and she smacked him.

"You saw that right?" Joey asked.

"You took and threw her phone." I told him.

"It's called self defense. Which is what you should be learning since.........." She trailed off as she took a big sniff and noticed Matt was in the room. "Well thank you for telling us we had company....." She said as she turned towards Matt.

"Don't you dare, Rachel!" Drew said.

"Ha, ha I think your to late bro. She's already imprinted." Joey said. We figured out he could read minds.

"Get out of my head!" She lookd at him and he started screaming.

"Enough Rachel." I told her and she stopped. She had Jane's power of being able to inflict pain instantly.

"Whoa. I'm Matt." He introduced himself to her.

"I'm Rachel." She said with a smile.

"What is imprinting?" He asked Drew.

"It's hard to explain. It's when you have a feeling like nothing else before, like gravity isn't holding you to the earth, it's that other person. You would do anything to make them happy, to protect them, whatever they needed." He said.

"Ugh!" Joey said, then got up and walked out of the room.

"Get out of my head."He told him.

"So, what is supose to happen now?" He asked Rachel as they walked out the door.

"Whatever you want to happen. Wait, Joey!!! come over here wit us."She yelled at him and he ran downstairs and at the door. Jake and I decided to go over to the house with them.

"Dude why did you bring your girlfriend, and not even tell me?" Drew said to his friend.

"Sorry I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal." He replied.

"It normally wouldn't Alex, but it can be." Drew said looking at Joey.

"I'll try not to look at her." He whispered in his ear.

"What do you mean it can be?" Alex asked.

"Look Taylor is here."Drew said to distract Alex.

"Hey Alex I see you brought Anna." Taylor said. "Hey Drew."

"Sup." He said. Matt and Rachel were already flirting and holding hands.

"Jacob!" I yelled knowing I didn't have to but just to kep up the act.

"You and the boys need to stop eating so much food." I whispered.

"Sorry we got really hunger." He said with a smile.

"Well you can go to the store and get more food." I smiled back.

"Oh, I see how it is Ness."

"You eat all the food, you can go get some more." I smiled at him. I stood on my tips of my toes to give him a kiss. "Love you."

"Uhuh, love you two." He said walking out the door.

"Well I'll be in my room if you need me."Joey said.

"Wait Joey." I said, stopping him before he went into his room.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I saw you look at her." I said.

"I........well yeah I didn't mean to and when she looked at me back it hit me......." He trailed off.

"You imprinted?" He shook his head yes.

"Seriously?" Drew mumbled under his breath. I began to speak but Joey stopped me.

"Shhhh, listen." He said. Anna was talking to Rachel.

"Was it me or was you brother staring at me?"

"He was probably checking you out." Rachel told her.

"Really, I mean I thought Alex would have scared him off." Rachel started laughing.

"My brother isn't scared of anything. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants." She said and she looked over in our direction.

"So you think he likes me?" Anna asked.

"Yeah. Why? I thought you had Alex."

"Yeah well lately Alex has been acting like a jerk. But your brother is kinda hot." She started smiling.

"Well my brother had that effect on girls. So they've told me, and told me, and told me."She smiled at Anna.

"Wow he must already have a girlfriend then...."

"Nope, he's waiting for the right girl. Since the boys are gonna be outside for a while do you want to talk to him?"

"That would be great." Anna said. They started to walk over here and Joey ran in his room and cut his Xbox on and started to play it while I hid behind the stairs.

"Joey, Anna wants to talk to you." Rachel said.

"Ok?" He said in a questioning tone. The conversation went on about five minutes before Anna said something.

"Well I am going to break up with Alex. So I'll let you know when I do." I heard the smile in her voice. It was quiet for a minute andthen I heard Alex storm in the house and start yelling. That's when I decided to go over there to find out what happend.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa what's going on here?" I asked.

"Alex walked in and saw me and Anna kissing." Joey said very blankly.

"Yeah and now hes about to pay." He got all in Joey's face.

"Back off of him." Drew said as he pulled Alex off of him.

"Why, whats he going to do?"

"Something you'll regret. So leave now." I said.

"Make me." Alex said. Drew picked him up and put him outside and told Taylor to go aswell, and he'll explain everything to him on monday at school.

"Joey?" Anna asked. Joey took a big sniff and pounced on Anna but Rachel pushed him out of the way. He kicked her off of him and she phased. Alex was gone already and Anna feel on the floor, Matt picked her up and moved her out of the room.

"Both of you stop it. NOW!" I said and the both looked at me. I walked into the room where Anna and Matt were to get Rachel some clothes.

"Rachel!" She trotted in here. Phase back and put these on. She took them in her mouth and went in the other room.

"Joesph Lawrence!" I said and he came into the room.

"I'm sorry mom, he was all in my face and I'm still new to the whole animal blood thing then she touched me and I freaked and I 'm sorry." He told me it wsa sincere, I could tell.

"It's ok but I'm notthe one you should be apologizing to." I told him and he looked over to Anna. She was all curled up next to Matt. She had asked hime arlier why he was so cool with all this. He replied 'I'm use to it.' Joey walked over to her.

"Are you going to hurt me?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"No, I'm ok now. I promise, but if you don't want anythin gto do with me I understand." He said.

She got up and gave him a hug. He let out a small growl and she backed away.

"I'm ok." The phone rang and I picked it up.


"Nessie all of you need to get over here now. Even the humans that are still over there." Jake was standing at the door listening.

"They are almost here." Alice said.

"Want Rachel, Jake, and Drew to phase?" I asked her.

"Yes now hurry!" She told me then hung up the phone.

"Rachel, Drew! You two need to phase now." Good timing since Courtney and Addy just pulled up.

Jake phased, Drew and Rachel found their way outside and we all meet them out there."

"Joey can you take her?"

"Yeah. Get on my back." He told her. She did and they took off with Jake.

"You might as well take Matt and Addy on your backs." I told Drew and Rachel. Courtney got on Drew's back, and Matt got on Rachel's and they waited for me.

"Get on my back Courtney. I'll take you to Zach." I told her and she didn't then we all ran to the house. Matt and Anna were asking all these questions when we got there and we explained it to them. We all went to go stand out side the wolves in the back covering my mom, Kayla, David, Addy, Drew, Courtney, Zach, Matt, Anna, Joey, Madi, and EJ. Rachel had to fight so she rubbed against Matt's arm and went to go stand with the other wolves. I could see Aro, Marcus and Cauis and the rest of the guard and the wives.

"Good job Bella keep up the work."Zafrina murmered.

"Well, well what is all of this?" Aro said.


"We come here to tell you that your kids are a danger to our world." Caius said.

"They don't tell any humans." I said.

"Oh really, then who are they back there?" Marcus asked.

"Humans but they imprinted on them they had to tell them." I said.

"Well I don't know what that is and frankly I don't care. Felix, Alec take care of them." Aro said.

They came at us but we fought them of but then they all joined in. We had no other choice but to kill them one by one. A few guards got by us and my mom and the kids couldn't fight them off, and they bit Matt, Addy, Courtney and Anna. That’s when their partners got mad and killed them. EJ defended Madi pretty well; he really wants to be a father. We ended up fight and killing all of the guard and two of the wives. Aro, Caius, Marcus, Jane, and Demetri are the only ones left. They surrendered and promised never to bother us again.

"Goodbye for good." Dad said as he threw a lighter on the dead, broken bodies. They went up into flames and everyone sighed in relief.

Everyone had left by the end of the day except Eleazar, Carman, Tanya, Kate and Garrett. They stayed after to see the newborns. We didn't get there in time for us to be able to suck the venom out. We took them inside the main house and they have been here, lying still for 5 hours now.

"When is he going to wake up?" Rachel asked Carlisle.

"Soon." He answered. Anna gasped for air and Joey ran to her side. Addy sat up and Drew was sitting next to her. Matt called out Rachel's name and she ran over to him. Courtney sat up and looks for Zach and ran over to him and gave him a hug.

"I'm so thirsty." Matt said.

"Me too." Anna, Addy and Courtney said.

"Well let’s go hunt." Joey said. "Emmett and Jazz come along with us."

"I'm going too!" Alice said. Then they left.

"It's sad you know." I said.

"I know I didn't want this for him. For any of them." Rachel said.

"Well on the bright side, we don't have to worry about our strengths anymore." Drew said.

"Yeah, but I liked the feeling of the blood running through her system. Seeing her blush when I............" Zach didn't finish but I knew what he meant.

"That's gross bro." Drew said.

2 hours passed and they all returned from their hunt. Jake and I were cuddled up on the couch when they walked in.

"How'd it go?" I asked.

"Aweome." Emmett said with a smile.

"It went good." Joey told me. "I had to explain what all happened while they were out." Joey smiled at Anna.

"Yeah, we've all begun to accept it." Addy said walking over to Drew. He was sitting on the arm of the couch and she came up and started playing with his hair.

"Kendall come on!" Brady said as they both stormed through the door.

"Brady no I can't believe this is happening to us right now." She said running into him.

"Well it isand we might want to explain to them whats going on." Brady said and she looked up.

"What's going on?" David asked.

"Great." Kendall mumbled.

"Well you might want to tell them."

"Ugh fine. Well I'm going to come out and say it. I'm pregnant, I need to have Carlisle confirm it but I think I am." Kendall said.

"Seriously!?!?" David said, but Kayla held him back. "I will hurt you, you dog!!!" He said as he walked out the house.

"I'm so sorry mom." Kendall said.

"It's ok its understandable, you father is not use to this type of stuff. He'll come around." Kayla said reassuringly.

"Thanks mom." She said as she went to give her a hug.

"Congrats honey." I told her. She walked over to me to give me a hug.

"Thanks Nessie." She told me. None of my grandkids call me grandma, they don't call Jake grandpa either. I don't know why it just makes us sound old. I smiled to myself.

"Well get some sleep everbody. We have a wedding to plan." I said getting up to go to bed. "Come on Jake." I said with a smile and pulling his hand.

"Sleep." He chuckled. "That's what we're gonna do." He whispered it sarcasticly in my ear.

"I'm tired." I smiled.

"I don't believe that." He picked me up and carried me home. When we got there he threw me on the bed. The night went on and on. Everything is going back to normal.

Do you guys want another book after this one??

YES PLEASE ur an amazing writer please please please i read all of ur books over and over there  fantastic 

Thank you so much! What would you like it to be out(Please inbox me this answer don't wanna spoil it for everyone:P)

srry to ask but how do i inbox you im new at this 

go to the right side were your name should be then click inbox and you should see this +compose somewhere on the page



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