The Twilight Saga

Renesmee and Jake's lives are super hectic. Renesmee is pregnant and Kayla is showing to be about 8-9 months pregnant. Nessie is scared though......Jake, Seth, and Mason are nowhere to be found.Nessie, Leah and Carlie are so worried, they can't find them anywhere and scared that they are in danger, or hurt.




Mason, Carlie, and EJ's Birthday-July 12th, 2012(1st set of Nessie's Triplets)

Allie, Josh, and Kayla's Birthday-March 19th, 2013(2nd set of Nessie's Triplets)

Zach's Birhday-November 21st, 2013(Leah and Mason's son)

Kendall's Birthday-February 12th, 2014(Kayla and David's daughter)

Drew and Kylie's Birthday-March 13th, 2014(Nessie's Twins)

Logan's Birthday-April 3rd, 2014(Carlie and Seth's son)

Rachel and Joey's Birthday-December 9th, 2014(Nessie's 2nd set of Twins)

Heather's Birthday- December 9th, 2014(Leah and Mason's daughter)

Ashlynn's Birthday-December 9th, 2014(Allie and Embry's Daughter)



Leah and Mason's Wedding-October 19th, 2012

Carlie and Seth's Wedding-June 30th, 2013

Allie, and Embry's Wedding-March 20th, 2014

EJ and Madi's Wedding-August 16th, 2014

Josh and Elena's Wedding-Decmber 9th, 2014

Kylie and Collin's Wedding-Apirl 19th, 2015




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I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. I sit up to find Jake isn't next to me. I get up put on my robe and walk into the kitchen. He's fixing breakfast for everybody.

"Morning sunshine." Jake said with a wink.

"Good morning." I said. "What are you fixing? It smells good." I asked him.

"Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast and waffles." He replied.

"Feeding a houseful today?" I asked him

"Yupp, the wolves will be here any minute." He said. The wolves eat so much food it's not even funny.

"Joey who did you bring with you?" I asked Joey as I heard him walk up to the house with 2 other friends and Anna.

"Two friends." I heard him quietly say. I ran back into the room and found something in the closet and threw it on. Of course since Alice designed my closet, it was something sexy. I walked out into the kitchen.

"Whoa." Jake said staring at me.

"Alice." I told him. “It’s the only thing I have clean. We need to do laundry." I said to him. "Stop staring at me!" I said blushing.

He chuckled. "I can't help it, you look sexy in it." He said smiling, and leaning down to give me a kiss. Joey cleared his throat.

"Oh, hi Joey." I said. Two boys walked in with him and Anna. Anna went to make herself comfortable. One boy had long-ish light brown hair, but it wasn't too long, and the other had shorter blonder hair.

"Mom, dad this is Gale and Ryan." He said.

"Hello." Jake said putting the food out.

"Your mom is hot." the boy with the blonde hair said, I think that’s Gale. Jake busted out laughing. I slapped him.


"You know what." I told him. I heard someone jump into the pool. It was Rachel and Matt.

"Well I'll eat with you later, but now I'm going to go get in the pool." I told Jake. I walked back into the bedroom and changed into my bathing suit. It was a solid light blue bikini that had a yellow eagle on it. I walked outside and joined Rachel and Matt.

"So, the boys think your hot?" Matt asked.

"Yeah......Immature little boys." Well all turned our heads to see Jake laughing real hard.

"Um, lets go now." Joey said shooting a look at me. Kendall, Brady, Allie, Embry, Kayla, and David came inside.

"Hey David, I see you've accepted her pregnancy." Jake said. I got out of the pool along with Matt and Rachel.

"Well I figured that my input wouldn't make a difference. So I had to accept it." David said blankly.

"You know dad you could be a little more supportive than this." Kendall said getting up angrily.

"Kendall! Wait up!" Brady said as he went to go find her along with Allie and Embry.

"You could be a little bit more supportive David." Kayla said.

"Well I'm sorry that I don't like the fact my daughter is pregnant!" David yelled.

"Well you might as well get use to it!" Kayla yelled back.

"I'm so done with all this stupid supernatural stuff! I....I need a break." He told her.

"Wait you propse to me then you say you want to take a break. If we take a break I'm not taking you back so you better make up your mind!" Kayla told him furiously.

"Kayla. I love you I really do, I just need to regroup. Can you give me 3 days at my house to get my head straight? He asked.

"I guess so, but I want an anwser in those 3 days." She told him as he walked out.

"Well what a fun day this has been" Jake said. Kendall and Brady came back inside after David left. Kendall kept going on and on about how Kayla shouldn't marry David but she doesn't know. Joey and his friend Gale walked in. They went straight to Joey's room but we all heard them talking.

"Who was that girl sitting next to the pregnant girl?" Gale asked.

"My older sister. Why?" Joey asked.

"She is seriously gorgeous." He said. I Iooked over to Kayla and she was blushing.

"Well I think she's getting married but I don't know. That guy we saw walking is or was her fiancee."

"Oh, well too bad. If he walked out on her, well he is a idoit. No girl should have her fiancee walk out on her like that." Gale said and I saw Kayla tear up. I don't think I like where this is going.

Ok so chapter 21 is going to be a loooong one just saying.

when is this book going to have the last chpter i am so excited but i am so impatient ahhhh  please update soon\


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