The Twilight Saga

Kay. So the story is placed in forks, 50 years later. Charlie is now a vampire after an accident of being shot on the job. The cullen's now moved back to forks. Jacob is with them. All the cullens(except, Charlie, Esme and Carlisle) are going to Forks High. It is told in Nessie's point of View. I will add more when i get chances.


It was 6 in the morning. My alarm went off. It yelled at me over and over again, "BEEP BEEP BEEP" I was so tired, i spent a late night at the res last night. Me and jacob and the rest of the pack were having a bond fire. Me and my mom were the only ones allowed over there. But if jacob just proposed, like i've been wishing ever since i was what, 5??? The truce would be over! I got up and took a shower. I got dressed and met my mom and dad at the cullen's house( i call it that, cause we spend most of our time there). "Are we going to leave???" i asked. " God, your so... so pushy!" emmett said. "Well, i don't want to be late." i said. "No, you just want to see your Jacob!!!" he made kissy lips at me. "OMG, HE'S SOOO CUTE!!!" emmett teased. He wasn't allowed to make fun of my mom's love life, so he chose to make fun of mine!" Yes, that to." i said. "And you should see the rest of him!" i aid. I know how to fight my own battles against emmett. "Okay then... let's go!" jasper said . Everyone was laughing.

We arrived at school and jacob pulled into the spot next next to us on his motorcycle. His new, nice, shiny, FAST motorcycle. "hey Ness." Jacob said. "Hey." i said back. he kissed me on the cheek. "GET A ROOM!!!" emmett yelled.

The first half of the day flew by. It was already Lunch. me and y mom got in the lunch line to buy our"food", Jacob came beside me, "I'm STARVING!" he said. "Your a Machine." Rosalie said coming up beside him. My dad came up behind my mom. "hello." he said hugging her. We saw jasper and Alice walking down the hall together. Emmett was already next to rose. "So, Emmett, the prom is coming up..." Rosalie told him. "Do I really have to ask you, i mean we're going out, it's kinda obvious that we're going to go together!" he told her. "I don't know..." my dad said. "Alex, from history has been thinking about asking Rose..." dad said. "Alright already!" emmett said. "Rose, do you want to go to the prom together???" he asked as we bought our food. Alice and jasper were a couple people behind us. "Yes Emmett, of course I will!" rose answered. We sat down at our table with alice and jasper follow not too soon after. "So, are we going shopping for the prom tomorrow???" Alice asked as she sat down. "Sure." i said. "totally." rose said. "And mom," i said "You and dad are going to the prom." i told her. " Fine." she said.

I woke up the next day. My parents let me sleep in cause we were ditching school. It was 10 in the morning, so i got up and got ready. I went to the cullen's house, everyone was there. Jacob showed up 10 minutes later. "Do i really have to et a tux???" he asked. "Yes!" me and alice both answered at the same time.

We arrived at the mall and started shopping right away.

I found a really pretty dress. It was blue with 3 criss-cross straps on the back. Jacob got a normal black tux with a blue vest that matched my dress that was underneath.

It was prom night tonight. I woke up and was kinda sad. I was like my mom when it came to party's.

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You should really write more.
I agree.
You should because it gets very interesting.
Keep going with the story. It was good. =)


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