The Twilight Saga

This fan fic will be about Nessie's 7th and final birthday. She has new choices ahead of her and has new information that will help her with these decisions. She has forever ahead of her.

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Table of Contense-
Preface- Pg. 1
Chapter 1- Pg. 1
Chapter 2- Pg 1.

Music used in fan fic.-

Used in- Chapter 1, pg. 1


Clothes for the Party--




Hair Style:

(I know this is Taylor Swift from her music vid for Love Story. Just pretend that her face isn’t there and that the color of the hair is reddish brown and that’s the hair style I see Nessie having for the party.)


Bella’s Dress:

Alice’s Dress:

Rose’s Dress:

Esme’s Dress:

Leah’s Dress:

Jake’s Tux:

Edward’s Tux:

Jasper’s Tux:

Emmett’s Tux:

Carlisle’s Tux:

Seth’s Tux:

Charlie’s Tux:

Sue’s Dress:

Billy’s Tux:

Nessie's B-day Cake-

Extra Notes-

The name of the town is Tyler's Point.
Charlie and Sue got married.
Billy, Charlie, Sue, Leah, and Seth are coming to the party as a surprise for Nessie.

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The Final Birthday
By: Corey26

The Passing of Time

My life had passed so fast. Now choices were coming at me in a million different directions. And no one was there to help me. Everything was up to me. I would try my best to make the right choices. All I could do was hope that my choices were the right ones to make. The paths ahead of me seemed full of twists and turns with forks at every bend. It would take a lot of good choices to have the road end the way I’d want it to, but I’d find the right path eventually. I would try everything I could to get there. It would be tricky, but the people I loved would be there with me. Hopefully, that’ll help me with making my choices and finding the way that would make road end the way it should.

Chapter 1
The Weirdest Morning Ever

I was laying face down with my head under my pillow on my bed not ready to wake up. I knew exactly what day it was. It was my birthday. My seventh birthday to be exact. Most people loved their birthday. But to me, it was nothing special. Though to my family this birthday was everything. After today I would join them in immorality. I would stop aging forever.
I knew Aunt Alice had something in store for today and I had a bad feeling about it. She was going to go overboard, just as she always did. And I just wasn’t ready for that yet. I pulled the pillow tighter over my head.
I then heard someone downstairs calling me. “Ness,” Jakey called, “I know you’re up. Get down here!”
I groaned. “No! Now shut up, Jakey,” I said making it clear I wasn’t ready to get up yet. I heard some of my family laugh. The laugh that seemed to find it the funniest was Aunt Rose’s. I really hoped they would behave today for me. A day without their usual bickering. That would be the best present ever.
“Oh, come on Ness. Pleaseeeeee…” he practically whined. He was such a baby. My best friend the cry baby. I heard dad laugh downstairs at my thoughts. I had a feeling he would get a kick out of that. He laughed again.
“Jake, she doesn’t have to wake up yet if she doesn’t want to,” my mom said trying to make him stop.
“Oh, yes she does,” Aunt Alice told mom. “If she has her way she’d stay in bed all day, just like you would.”
“Alice, dear, don’t bombard Nessie. It’s her special day, now let her sleep,” Grandma Esme told her.
“Nope. It’s time to wake up. She has a big day ahead of her,” Aunt Alice said.
Ugh! Like I said I knew she would have something in store for today. I groaned into my pillow.
“So much like her mother,” Aunt Alice said with a sigh. And she was right. I didn’t want a party today. Not yet. I just wanted to be alone.
I heard someone coming up the stairs. And then I heard a knock on my door.
“Nessie, sweetie? May I come in?” It was mom.
“Sure, I guess,” I told her not coming out from under my pillow. I loved my mom. She was one of the few people who I could tell anything.
She walked in and shut the door behind her. She then sat on the edge of my bed and put her hand on my back.
“Happy birthday, baby,” she said rubbing my back. I flipped onto my back and peeked out from under the pillow. She looked happy and sad at the same time, like she would cry if it were possible.
I sighed and sat up. “Thanks mom,” I said giving her a hug. She hugged me back and then pulled back to look at me.
“So, do you feel grown up?” she asked.
I shook my head no. “I feel same as always. Do I look different?” I looked at myself.
“No, sweetie. But you are all grown up,” she said sighing. I then heard another knock at my door.
“Nessie, darling? May I come in?” Daddy asked.
Of course, I thought rather than saying it aloud. He walked in and stood behind mom with his hand on her shoulder.
“Happy birthday,” he said. He had a look on his face too. Except instead of happy and sad it seemed more upset and unsure. “Renesmee Carlie, I do not have a look on my face,” he said suddenly answering my thoughts. Mom looked at him and then at me, and we both just shrugged.
She then rolled her eyes slightly. Everyone always said I was just like my dad and in truth it was nearly 100% true. I had the same reddish brown hair color, same sort of facial features, same reactions to nearly everything, the same love of music, same everything. But I was also like my mom. I loved to read like she did, I had the same brown eyes she had when she was human, I could sometimes be a clutts like everyone told me she was when she was human, and the human traits like how I blushed at everything. And then the curliness of my hair was something I had gotten from Grandpa Charlie.
But in truth I was my own person and that’s something everyone says that they love about me.
“And it’s absolutely true. You are you and only you and we love very much for it,” my dad said snapping me out of my thoughts.
My mom nodded in agreement with the part she heard and interpreted. “We love so much, sweetheart,” mom then said.
All of a sudden Aunt Alice yelled, “Renesmee Carlie Cullen! If you’re not showered, dressed, and down here in a half hour I’m coming up there and dragging you down here my self!” she said warning me.
I sighed an angry sigh, went to the top of the stairs, and yelled, “There! I’m up! Everyone happy?!?”
Aunt Alice then appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “Yes, we are,” she said smiling innocently. “Thank you very much and happy birthday. Now go get ready,” she told me.
I rolled my eyes at her and headed back toward my room. My parents were walking out when I got to my door.
Mom gave me a hug, they both kissed my forehead, and told me happy birthday one more time before they both headed down the stairs. I went into my room and headed for my bathroom hopping into the shower.
Fifteen minutes later I hopped out of the shower and headed for my closet. It was huge. It had 5 wardrobes, racks and racks of clothes, and tons of shelves. It even had a huge surround sound stereo system.
I turned on my stereo and plugged my MP3 into it. I turned on ‘Misery Business’ by Paramore. I started to sing with it as I found an outfit.
“I'm in the business of misery,
Let’s take it from the top,
She's got a body like an hourglass; it's ticking like a clock.
It's a matter of time before we all run out,
When I thought he was mine she caught him by the mouth…..” I continued to sing as I found an outfit. It was a simple black striped blouse, a plaid skirt with a spiked belt, some shiny black high heels, striped finger-less gloves, and some red guitar pick earrings.
I put on the ensemble and continued to sing. I then heard a knock on my door.
“Ness?” It was Jakey. “May I come in?” he asked.
Oh no… Had he heard me singing? “Ummm…. Sure Jakey. Come on in,” I said grabbing my MP3, putting my robe on over my clothes, walking out of my closet, and hooking it up to the stereo in the main part of my bed room.
My room was so cool. I had my drums, my acoustic and electric guitars, my key board, and my small piano. It also had tons of posters covering the walls, selves stacked full of books, another surround sound stereo system, a sofa at the foot of my bed, a wall of mirrors, and tons of other things.
Jakey then walked in and sat on the sofa while I was still turned the other way fixing the stereo.
I turned around and smiled at him. “Hi.”
“Hey. Happy birthday,” he said to me.
“Thanks,” I said walking over to my bed and flopping down on it.
“I heard you singing, Ness. You have a beautiful voice,” Jake said suddenly.
I blushed oh so red. GOD! Why, oh, why did I have to get that from mom? “Umm… thanks Jakey.”
He laughed, stood up, and kissed the top of my head. “You may want to get downstairs soon before Alice gets up here,” he told me before walking out of my bedroom.
I sighed, stood up, and took off the robe showing my red and black outfit. I walked out of my room shutting the door behind me. I then walked to the stairs, sat down on the banister, made sure my skirt was tucked under me nicely, and slid down the stairs.
When I got toward the bottom, I saw my family smiling and laughing. I got off at the bottom and skipped over to the couch despite the fact I was wearing heels. I plopped down on the couch and was ambushed by my family. The first was Aunt Rose.
“Happy birthday Nessie,” She said hugging me.
“Ambush!” I said with a laugh. “Thanks Aunt Rose.”
Then was Grandma. “Happy Birthday sweetheart,” she said kissing my forehead.
“Wow, Ness is all grown up. Sniff, Sniff,” Uncle Emmett said sarcastically. I then smiled like the goof-ball he is and said, “Happy birthday, Ness.”
“Thanks guys,” I said smiling and rolling my eyes. I then stood up and just when I was about to grab my laptop off of the coffee table Aunt Alice walked in front of me.
“Very nice,” she said approving my outfit and smiling. “The colors work together well. You look beautiful Nessie.”
“Thanks,” I said looking down at my outfit. “I just threw something together.”
“Well you did grow up around Alice. Something was bound to rub off,” Uncle Emmett said laughing. Just then Grandpa Carlisle came downstairs.
“Happy birthday Nessie,” he said looking up from the book he was reading for only a second to send a smile my way.
Then Uncle Jazz came in from outside. “Oh, happy birthday Nessie,” he said smiling at me.
“Thanks everyone,” I told them with all sincerity. I looked around and saw Jakey wasn’t there. But my confusion went away the second I heard something rattling around in the fridge. I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. “Are you ever full?” I asked walking up behind him.
I guess I surprised him because he hit his head off the top of the fridge. I laughed at him. “Oww… Not Funny, Ness,” he said backing out of it. When he turned around and looked at me though… something odd happened. He looked at me he seemed……….. I don’t even know how to describe it. But he was staring at me.
I blushed like always. “Um….” I said trying to snap him back into reality.
“Oh… Uhh…” he said shaking his head to clear it. “You… You look beautiful Nessie,” he said almost in shock, embarrassment, and, for once, his face looked a little red.
I giggled at him. “Thank you very much, Jakey.” I smiled at him and he smiled back before turning back to the fridge. I rolled my eyes. “Piggy,” I said walking back into the living room.
I sat down on the couch and all of a sudden Daddy stood up and went into the kitchen but he shut the door. That’s weird. We never shut the kitchen door.
I heard daddy talking in a hushed tone. It sounded like he was talking to Jake. But instead of Jake replying aloud and letting anyone hear the whole conversation, daddy just read his mind.
I sighed, picked up my laptop, turned it on, and started listening to music on my laptop. This morning had to be one of the weirdest mornings ever.

Chapter 2
I Knew She Would

Not to long after I sat down and started to listen to my music Daddy came out of the kitchen with Jake behind him. The looks on their faces were unreadable.
I shook my head and looked back down at my laptop. Everyone was doing their own thing. Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jazz were watching a football game on T.V., Daddy had sat down next to mom, who before had been reading a book, Grandpa Carlisle was still reading the medical book from earlier, Grandma Esme was drawing up some new house design, Aunt Alice was sketching an outfit on a piece of paper, and Aunt Rose was looking at something on the main computer.
I was looking at some dresses online when Jake sat down on the ground next to my legs. The second he did I could have sworn someone had growled, but when I looked up everyone seemed relaxed.
I then looked down at Jakey. He turned his head and smiled. “Hey birthday girl.”
“Hey,” I said to him. He was acting so weird today. Out of character for him.
I then looked at the clock. It was already 1 p.m. I had stayed in bed most of the morning. Odd. Oh well, I guess.
The rest of the afternoon went rather fast. My family and I hung out in the living room. We talked, mainly about the last 7 years and how grown up I was. My face was red about 90% of the time. The next time I looked at the clock it was 7 p.m. and the sun was setting.
All of a sudden Aunt Alice looked out the wall of windows- Grandma put them in to remind us of the house in Forks-, gave a huge smile, skipped to me in a flash, and said, “Are you ready for your birthday surprise?”
I raised an eye brow at her and shrugged. “As ready as ever, I suppose.”
Aunt Alice then grabbed my hand. I stood up and fixed my skirt. She then pulled me out toward the back door.
“Now, Nessie, close your eyes,” Aunt Alice told me. The rest of my family was behind me and her getting ready to follow us out.
“Why?” I asked. Oh god. Oh, please not a party.
“Because I said so, my beautiful niece,” she told me.
I crossed my arms acting stubborn. That’s another thing I got from my mom. Aunt Alice sighed.
“Here,” Jakey said behind us. He then put his hands over my eyes. Crap, there was no way I’d be able to peek at my birthday ‘surprise’. “That good Alice?”
“I think so. Nessie, sweetie, what can you see?” Aunt Alice asked.
“Jake’s palms. Man…” I said sighing. I hated surprises.
“Good. Ok, Jake. Lead Nessie this way,” she said mostly likely walking forward.
“Can do,” Jake said waling forward pushing me lightly as he went.
Jake bumped me as we walked. “Careful Jake. I don’t want to fall,” I warned.
“I won’t let you fall, Ness. You should know that by now,” he said to me.
I nodded and we were silent. We continued to walk for a few minutes. It seemed like we were walking around to the far entrance of the garden. Weird. Why were we headed out there?
After another minute we stopped. “Ok, Ness. You ready for the best birthday surprise ever?” Aunt Alice asked me when we had stopped.
“I guess I don’t have a choice, so I guess I’m ready,” I said trying not to be a party pooper.
“Ok,” she said excitedly. “Jake, let her see.”
His hands came off of my eyes slowly and light flowed into my eyes. It took them a moment to adjust. And what I saw amazed me.
My family had transformed our garden into an outdoor ballroom. Chinese lanterns lighting it. Tables with candles in small, almost fish bowl shaped dishes. A beautiful birthday cake with dozens of pink, red, cream, and purple frosting roses on a table full of food. A stage set up with speakers and instruments in front of the ballroom dance floor. It was like a fairy tale. The flowers of the garden putting the whole set up together.
“So…. What do you think?” Aunt Alice asked reminding me that my family was right there.
“It’s amazing,” I said turning with a smile on my face. “I love it. So perfect.” When I said that Aunt Alice and Grandma were practically beaming.
“We’re so happy you like it Nessie,” Grandma told me.
“Oh, I do. Thank you guys sooo much,” I said with all the sincerity in the world.
“Well come on, Cinderella. The ball hasn’t started yet,” Aunt Alice said grabbing my hand. “You honestly didn’t think that you’re day outfit would be enough for this,” she said as she pulled me back toward the house, this time much faster and everyone following.
Aunt Alice pulled me up to my room, let go of my hand, and dashed away for a moment while Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Rosalie came in. I sat on the edge of my bed. Mom sat next to me while Grandma and Rosalie sat on the other side of the bed.
Aunt Alice was then back holding a black dress bag. “I ordered it a month ago. I hope you like it,” she said as she laid the bag on my bed and unzipped it.
I looked into the bag and saw the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. It was purple. Many shades of purple. Lights and darks. And it was a ball gown. It also had creamish-white vines all along the torso of the dress. “Oh Aunt Alice it’s perfect.”
“Good. Now go get dressed. We have to ourselves, but we should be back in a minute,” she said standing up. She then kissed my cheek and dashed to her room to get ready.
Aunt Rose and Grandma also stood up, kissed my cheek, and left. Then it was just me and mom.
She stood up and looked at me. “Nessie, sweetheart, I love you so much,” she said kissing my forehead.
“I love you too mom.” I knew how much she loved me and she knew how much I loved her.
She smiled at me and kissed my forehead one more time before she left my room. When she left I grabbed up the dress and held it up in front of me while standing in front of the mirror.
It was beautiful on the hanger. I just hoped it would look as beautiful on me.
Chapter 3
What’s With Him?

I went into my closet and slipped on the dress. It fit perfectly and hit the ground lightly. When it was on and in place I twirled around. But I had made sure not to get changed in front of a mirror, afraid of hating what I’d see.
Then Mom, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rose, and Grandma came back in. Mom was wearing a long, flowing blue dress, Aunt Alice had on a designer black ball gown, Aunt Rose was wearing a long, straight down dress that was a bright red, and Grandma was wearing a shorter, though it was still pretty long, dark purple dress. They looked beautiful and it made me feel ordinary.
“Oh Nessie,” Mom said as she walked toward me. “You look perfect sweetheart.”
“Very grown up and beautiful,” Aunt Rose said in agreement.
“I knew I choose the right one,” Aunt Alice said walking over to me and looking at the dress to make sure everything was perfect.
When I got the ok from Aunt Alice, walked out of my closet and went to my vanity, but carefully as to not look into a mirror. I then put my hair up in a curly bun with a few pieces of hair left down to frame my face. I then went and slide on a pair of brown high heels with open toes.
I then took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and walked to my wall of mirrors. I opened my eyes slowly. When I could finally see I was… shocked by it. No way that was me. The girl in the mirror was extremely beautiful. Her reddish brown hair in a curly, messy bun setting off the features in her face and the flowing ball gown making her look learn and grown up.
My eyes were huge. That just couldn’t be me.
I turned to see mom, grandma, Aunt Alice, and Aunt Rose staring at me. “What?” I asked them.
Mom then sighed, walked toward me, and brought me into a hug. I was kind of surprised. She then pulled back and said, “You look sooo beautiful, sweetheart. And extremely grown up.”
The next 10 minutes consisted of those four talking about how beautiful and grown up I was. I was red and embarrassed but it was nice to hear all the same.
The conversation continued until mom finally interrupted and said, “Well, we better get down stairs. The guys are waiting for us.”
Grandma then headed downstairs, followed by Aunt Rose, then Aunt Alice, and lastly mom. After they went downstairs I took one last look in the mirror and followed not long after.
I walked down the stairs slowly, not wanting to trip on my dress. Before I walked down the step that would let my family see me I took a deep breath. I then took that last step…
Everyone looked shocked, stunned, and ways I couldn’t even describe. Everyone who had seen me seemed happy and proud. They were missing something that everyone who hadn’t seen me in the dress had on their faces.
The two that stood out the most were my dad’s and… to my surprise Jakey’s. Daddy seemed proud, happy, sad, surprised, the list could go on and on. But the thing I saw the most bold on his face was worry. He seemed so worried. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw him so worried.
Jakey’s face displayed mainly shock and surprise. But he also seemed proud, excited, anxious, and something I had never seen him display and didn’t even know how to describe. What was with him today? He seemed relieved and anxious like some secret was eating him away. He also was acting as if he had never truly seen me. Like he hadn’t really opened his eyes until now.
After I looked at their faces I saw what they were wearing. The guys had put on tuxes. It made me want to laugh, but they were doing this for me (and probably because Aunt Alice forced them) so I didn’t.
I went and twirled in front of everyone to show off Aunt Alice’s handy work. The men did the same thing the women in my family had done. They told me I looked nice. That I was all grown up.
All of them except Jakey. He just stood there smiling at me. It made me blush a tiny bit.
“Well, we better get this party started,” Aunt Alice said walking over to me. “Everyone pair off to walk in the garden.” So naturally my Mom and Dad, Uncle Em and Aunt Rose, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper, and Grandma and Grandpa. This made Jakey and I pair off.
“Shall we, birthday girl?” he asked extending his hand for me to take. I put my hand in his and we walked behind the other. “Ness, you look so extremely beautiful,” Jake said suddenly.
I blushed the reddest I had ever blushed. This sounded more than just a compliment. “Thank you very much, Jakey,” I told him.
We then got out to the garden and I was shocked to see who was already there. Seth, Billy, Grandpa Charlie, Sue, and, ever though it looks likes she wishes she weren’t here, Leah.
“Happy Birthday!” they all yelled, even Leah. But she said it not yelled it. When they yelled it I blushed, of course.
“What are you all doing here?” I asked them. Grandpa Charlie had walked over to me and was giving me a hug.
“Did you think we would miss your birthday? Never,” he said as he let go.
The next to come over was Seth. “Hey, Nessie,” he said as he hugged me with a smile on his face just the same as always.
Then Sue came over. “Happy Birthday,” she said and smiled. Then Billy wheeled himself over to me.
“Happy birthday, Nessie,” he told me.
“Thanks everyone,” I said with a smile.”
“Alright, time for the birthday girl to have a dance with her daddy,” Aunt Alice said pushing daddy toward me.
He rolled his eyes at Aunt Alice and walked over to me with his hand extended. I took it and we walked to the center of the dance floor.
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Chapter 4
The Shock of a Lifetime

The first song then started. It was slow and perfect. Daddy and I then started to dance. Though I could be rather clumsy sometimes, I was rather good at dancing.
Daddy then laughed and I blushed. He then twirled me around. We danced in silence for the most part, until daddy said, “Happy birthday sweetheart. You’re not my little girl anymore.”
I smiled. “Daddy, I’ll always be your little girl,” I told him. He then smiled at me and our dance ended.
I ended up dancing with Grandpa Charlie next. He wasn’t the best dancer but he wasn’t horrid either. We talked about what was going on in Forks, how much we missed each other, and, of course, how grown up I was.
The party was amazing. I had everyone I loved there, the music was great, and everything was perfect.
I ended up dancing with Uncle Emmett -that was interesting-, Uncle Jasper, Grandpa Carlisle, and Seth. Soon it was late and I was sitting with my Aunts talking.
“Ok. Present time Nessie,” Aunt Alice then said. I didn’t like the sound of that. Aunt Alice then dashed to get the presents. I sighed.
She then came back and handed me the first gift. It was from her and Uncle Jazz. I opened it and inside was the most beautiful necklace I had ever seen. It was simple but beautiful all the same. It had two sapphire hearts for my birthstone.
“Oh, thank you. I love it.” Aunt Alice glowed with satisfaction and Uncle Jazz just smiled. I laughed and then another present was shoved in my face, literally.
This one was from Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose. Uncle Em decided to shove it almost up my nose. He was such a dork. I opened it and inside was the phone I had wanted in bright cherry red that mom and dad had said no to. My parents couldn’t be too happy about that.
“Thanks!” I said giving them each a hug. I saw mom and dad. They weren’t too thrilled but they weren’t upset. The next 20 minutes consisted of me opening presents. Grandma Esme and Grandpa Carlisle got me got me a new light purple laptop, Grandpa Charlie and Sue gave me a collectors edition of the book My Sister’s Keeper, Seth gave me a new copy of the book The Time Traveler’s Wife, Billy gave me a pair of earrings, and Leah even gave me an All Time Low CD.
The last people to give me presents were Jake and my parents.
“Alright, Nessie, sweetie, close your eyes,” my mom said. Instead of acting stubborn as I had before I just gave in and closed my eyes. Mom and Dad took my hands and lead me forward.
“Alright, open your eyes, Nessie,” Daddy then said. I did as told and I was blown away. In front of me was the most amazing car I had even seen. It was a light, shiny blue convertible. A Ferrari, I think. And I wasn’t the only one in shock. I had looked over at Jake and Seth and both of their jaws had hit the floor.
“This is mine?” I asked looking at my parents.
“Yes, it is baby. Happy Birthday,” my mom said kissing the top of my head and giving me a hug.
“Happy birthday,” daddy said giving me a hug.
“This is too amazing. I love it. Thank you so much,” I told them.
I looked at Jake and Seth again and they were still in awe. I laughed. “Snap out of it you two.” I laughed again and they came back to the present.
They both then laughed. “Sorry, Ness,” Jakey said. He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes.
We went back to the party then. Everyone was dancing. Mom and Dad, Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme, Grandpa Charlie and Sue, Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper, and Seth were dancing with Leah though she looked like she’d rather shoot herself.
I was sitting down looking through my new phone. It was already programmed with everyone’s numbers in it. Someone then tapped me on the shoulder.
I looked up and saw Jake. “Oh, hey Jakey.”
“Um….. Hey Ness,” he said kinda nervous. “Do you, uhh, want to go for a walk with me for a sec?”
He looked really nervous. “Umm….. Sure, Jakey,” I said putting down my phone and standing up. We walked to the part of the garden that wasn’t fixed for the party.
I looked up at his face and it was still nervous. “Jakey, what’s up? You’re never this nervous.”
Jake took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “Nessie, you know how I’ve been there for you since you were born?”
I nodded. He was there for everything. Every single day of my life Jakey had been there if here could and if not he always called or we did something special the next day.
“Well....... there’s a reason for that.” He swallowed.
“Jake,” I said looking at him, “just spit it out.”
He took a deep breath, sighed and nodded. “So you know how I’m a shape shifting werewolf. Well, when we find our other half, our soul mate something happens. We imprint. It’s basically love at first site. We are drawn to our imprint. She is the only thing that we see. The only thing in our world. Being away from each other hurts both of us.”
I looked at Jakey confused. “Jake, what is all of this about?” How did any of that involve me?
He was looking at me. “I’ve imprinted……………………….” It sounded like he wanted to continue but was unsure how to.
I was really shocked. He had found his other half. His soul mate. I composed my expression. “Ummm…… that’s great Jakey. Who….. Who is it?” I asked curious.
Jake swallowed. It was like this was the part that he had been worried about telling me. “Well………… Ness……. It’s ummmm……. Uhhhh………. It’s……………” He swallowed again.
Why was it so hard for him to tell me? We told each other everything. We had no secrets. Well no secrets other than this. Jakey had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. He was there whenever I needed him and even when I didn’t. He was like an older brother and I knew, sometimes, I was very overprotective and possessive of him but that was only because we were so close.
I looked at his face and into his eyes. “Jake, who is it?” I asked in a whisper. Who was he meant to be with? I had to know.
He sighed and swallowed. “Nessie, I…. I……. I imprinted on………… on you. I imprinted on you the first time I saw you the day you were born.”
He had…….. What………. No……………. it’s not possible. No…………… I blinked and shook my head trying to clear it but nothing worked. I had not being expecting this. This had to the biggest shock of my entire life.
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Chapter 5
That Can’t Be True

I stood there, shocked. I couldn’t process this thought. How could I… be Jake’s imprint? His… his soul mate? It couldn’t be true. No way. Not possible.
Jake was looking at me. “Nessie?” he asked. His tone was worried but I couldn’t look at his face. I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought. No. It just couldn’t be true.
I loved Jake dearly but I had never thought of him in that way. It was more of the best friend, brother sister love. Not as in my soul mate kind of love. Not the love of my life sort of love. Not the one who I was going to be with form of love. It wasn’t that kind of love.
It wasn’t like the love between my parents. Not like Uncle Em and Aunt Rose’s love. Or Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper. Or Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme. Or Grandpa Charlie and Sue.
It just wasn’t that way between us. No. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible. I….. No….. It can’t be………… no! It made no sense, I kept thinking to myself. Jake and I…………….. UGH!
Jake was looking at me so worried. “Nessie, are you alright?” He put his hand on my shoulder and I jerked away as fast as I could. He looked hurt by that. Like I had just about killed him. Like he would drop dead any second. I felt bad but I was too confused to apologize.
Instead, I turned the other way and said, barely above a whisper, “I’m sorry Jake. I just can’t process it. I have to go….” I then dashed away. I had tears streaming down my cheeks. I tried to wipe them away but that only made more come. The tears flew down onto my dress ruining it, but I didn’t care.
I passed through the party and I felt all eyes on me. I saw Billy, Seth, and Leah’s faces along with my parents and I knew they knew what happened. They all knew about Jake imprinting on me and…….. and they never told me! I ran to the house but a slow speed for me because of Grandpa Charlie being here. If he hadn’t been here I would have run as fast as I could.
I ran up the stairs to my room, crying my eyes out. I went in and locked the door. I took off the dress as fast as I could. I threw it into the corner not caring. I changed into a pair of sweat pants and a tee-shirt, not caring about how I looked.
I went over to my bed, sat down, and basically curled up into a ball crying. How could they all keep something like that a secret from me?!!!!!??!!!! Billy, Seth, Leah, my family- all except probably Grandpa Charlie-, my parents! And Jake. Especially Jake. Why hadn’t he told me? I think I had the right to know. I know I had the right to know. But he decided to keep it from me anyway. All this time. And I thought we told each other everything.
I cried and cried and cried. I could have been up there for several minutes, hours, days and I wouldn’t have noticed the difference. I just kept crying.
I then heard people coming up the stairs. I buried my face into my pillows and kept crying. I didn’t want to talk to anyone, see anyone, or be in the same room as anyone who kept this secret from me.
I heard a quiet knock on the door. I didn’t look up though. I was to upset to do anything.
I heard the knock again, louder this time and mom’s voice. “Nessie? Nessie, sweetie, please let us in.” It must be her and dad, trying to make everything better. To make it seem like all of this was ok.
I couldn’t get up thought to unlock the door. I heard sighing and whispering outside the door and then footsteps. The footsteps then soon started to fade. They must get it that I want to be alone.
But not much later I heard the footsteps coming back. I sighed and just kept crying. Ugh!
I heard them unlock the door with a spare key and come in. But I didn’t look at them. I couldn’t. They had known all this time and hadn’t told me.
I felt them sit next to me and wrapped there arms around me. I put my head on Mom’s shoulder and kept crying and crying. They hugged me but didn’t say anything. Thank goodness. I didn’t want to talk.
“Then just listen,” I heard daddy say. I hated when he did that! Stupid mind reading. I hugged my knees and kept crying. I heard him sigh.
I felt mom’s arms tighten around me and hug me tighter. “Nessie, sweetheart…………” She then sighed also. “Don’t be mad at Jake. He wanted to tell you…………… We made him promise not to until you turned 7 and stopped aging……………”
WHAT!???????????????!!!!!!!!!????????????????? Why on earth would they do that??????!!!!!!??????? So I have been lied to my whole life by everyone I thought loved me.
“Nessie, we do love you,” I heard Daddy say. I just kept crying. It sure didn’t feel like it.
“Nessie, sweetie, we made him promise not to,” I heard mom then say. “We didn’t want you to feel pressured into loving him. We wanted you to think of him as a big brother and best friend and, maybe, someday, something more………… But only if you truly fell in love with him…………….” Her voice faded off.
“I…………… would have rather…………” I sobbed, “you…….. Have told………… me………..” I sobbed again and hugged myself to mom.
We sat in silence for a while as I cried. Mom rubbed my back and Dad tried to move my hair out of my eyes without much success.
“We are sorry Nessie,” Daddy said after awhile. “We should have let him tell you. But it’s to late now.”
Mom nodded. “So can you please not be mad at Jake? I’m sure he feels awful. And it wasn’t his fault. He wanted to tell you so badly but he couldn’t. Please, at least talk to him.”
I whipped away my tears and nodded. This was all so had to believe. What would I even say to him?

This is so good oh m gosh whats going to happen and are you going to write anymore to go with it???!!!!!


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