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Hi. I'm new at writing, I've been reading for the past couple of months many "chapters" about twilight stories written by fans, and I'm starting to write Breaking Dawn from Edward's point of view. Here I leave you guys the preface and I would love to know what do you think about it. And what corrections you would do it. THANKS!! I really appreciate if you write something back.



Would I have the sufficient force?


The control on my emotions, the control to turn the person who more had I loved in my life, to that one that I would love until the end of my days?


I did not know it, it terrified me of the most terrible form, the alone possibility of losing her. But already I had committed another horrible mistake. I, after all my efforts for protecting her, had submitted her to the worst damage and pain,
I had made it come to the point of her being dying.


But I could not even do anything against what was killing her.


How to fight against it, when to do so, would kill her?


Simply she was a magnet of danger. And she was still pulling me towards her. Is it that some day I would stop hurting her, with my love or my strength?

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Well I think it refers about the situation... but, I'll see what I can do!! Thanks, besides I'm not american so it could be a little confusing for me to try to make it understandable. But thanks, anyway.
nice job plz complete this as fast as u can


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