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Do you think that Bella really treats Edward the way he should be treated?

i definantly dont think so


edward totally deserves way better than bella...i could be his bella hehe

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I think that Bella can be incisive sometimes. I think that Edward is just trying to protect her and she can be rude to treat him wrong. Like one part in the book that I really hate, is when Edward sees her bike outside his house and buys himself a bike as well; so that they can go riding together, she gets all mad.
I think Bella can be rude to Edward sometimes but I don't think she does it to be mean, she always thinks he is too good for her so she at times she pushes him away before he can push her away.
bella was rude to edward in eclipse
There might be times that Bella should treat Edward better but i don't think meant to be mean to him.
i don't think bella was rude to edward bcoz she really like both edward and jacob but she really love edward a lot...And jacob like renessme so problem solved
I think Edward gives as good as he gets. Both Bella and Edward have made some silly choices in their behaviour.....kinda like in real relationships. They obviously love one isn't about deserving one another it is about being able to forgive each other and being able to stay in love despite knowing each others faults.

I disagree to that. Is there really the right and wrong way to treat somebody?  For most cases, I know our reactions to certain circumstances differ from each other and we don't really treat this directly because of the person himself. Our judgements or decisions maybe right, and sometimes wrong. Attached to it are certain consequences that we have to deal with. I really think it's a process then.


Bella treats Edward in a lot of different ways. If you can really see the way through I mean deeper. It's way of communication and dealing with someone you love. An argument for instance. In eclipse. Bella wants to see Jacob because its one of her father's condition. There's madness there, I can feel the anger of Edward, and Bella never gave up on her stand about  that and the conversation  thing about Jacob were resolved in a nice, positively way. It was compromise. We never this topic with Jacob that we didn't see in the end were a lot more to deal with. There was the kissing, twice actually. The tent scene, the clearing. But it went all just fine after that. Bella agreed to Edward, she'll marry him. and it was a happy ending then.


When a relationship faces trials and challenges, your not counting how many times you got mad, irritated, argued, it doesn't matter! The important thing is no matter what  happens there's still the two of you facing it and solving it because you love each other no matter what.


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