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Okay I'm so obssesed with Edward that I'm trying to dream of him. I've been trying to think of only him before I go to sleep, but it's not working. Any ideas?

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Here's chant that I would say before I go to bed every night. Try it, might help. LOL

Twilight, twi-bright, first vamp i see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, see Edward Cullen in my dream tonight!

Good luck!

OMG!! I tried that chant and it worked! I freaked when I woke up!! :) lol
I wish every night that I could see him in my dreams...that I would be Bella and he would want me. I would love to warm him, if only in my dreams
just not be so fast take ur time feel it deeply
I actually don't know how I end up dreaming about him...I think you don't have to think hard to dream about it, it's your subconcious who makes you dream about Edward!
Okay, I dream about Edward all the time, its weird but i have really strange vivid dreams. I used to read before i went to bed and thats when it started. Now I dream about him every once in a while, he just kind of pops in my head now. :)
sometimes it doesn't work if you keep thinking about him the minute before you went to sleep
but if you really think about him a lot, and really love him ( i know this is weird) he will appear
Sometimes I think about him before I dream or other times it just happens. I'm gonna try the chant though. But, I had like 4 dreams about him
I envy you so much.


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