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Heyy fellow fanpires !
What's your favorite Edward scene ?
I know, there are soo many to choose from LOLZ but for me i gotta say that the scene when Edward says in Eclipse that he loves bella and WANTS her rite now is just beyond words !!!!! ahha the meadow scene in Eclipse ahah :D one of the best !

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I love all scenes with edward in them, but my favorite of all is when he proposes to bella.

In Twilight when Bella tells Edward she knows what he is...when he turns to face her and walks closer and closer until his arms are stretched out until his fingertips are touching the rock with Bella in between his arms...EPIC for me!

After Bella tells him "well, now I'm afraid...but only afraid of loosing him his beautiful words are breath taking.

"You don't know how long I've waited for you. And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."

I also love when Edward grabs Bella and tosses her to his back and jumps out his bedroom window and say's "You better hold on tight spider-monkey"

So many more...

I think my favorite scene is in Eclipse, when Edward proposes to Bella.  He looks so sincere and so much in love..and he then looks so over-the-moon happy when she accepts his proposal.  In real life, gals, would ANYBODY say no to him?

I don't think so!

Phff, it is such a difficult question.....

It probably is the scene in Volterra where Edward is just about to walk into the sunlight!!!
The break up scene in NM & the kiss in Bella's room in Twilight are very close though.

I've not warmed up to the Eclipse movie as much yet. It always takes me a while before I like the movies, I am always excited to see them though. Life is so confusing ;-}
well i have lots of favoite scene's but one that i love the best is the scene in Eclipse when bella says the night with edward and they are alone in his room and he says this Isabella swan i promise to love you every singel day forever  then he gets down on bended keen and ask her to marry him and then he shows her the ring that was his mother's.
I just love and adore all edward scenes.In eclipse, i love the scene when he proposes to bella, may be it is becoz rob made it real, with his husky sincere voice. Everyday I make it a point to watch that scene.
I like in the end of Eclipse when he says that. That he loves her, he wants her and he wants her now. It was a shame to not see that in the movie. To many scenes to choose from for a favorite. I LOVE them all.


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