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OK.  I have sat down and read all 264 pages online.  Oh my.  My love for Edward has re-surfaced.  Of course, imagining Robert Pattison in the role, really helps.  I love the fact that Edward falls in love with Bella first.  It is rather endearing.

The problem?  Its not finished?!?  It dropped off right before her day at the Cullens.  Oh well.  I do understand why she didn't finish.  But I sure would love to know the rest!


Anyway, would love to hear from others who have read it and your thoughts!

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Don't be sorry for going on about Twilight and Edward! LOL! I totally get what you mean. Reading Midnight Sun has peaked my interest in reading the entire series, again! Oh, and did you see the Eclipse DVD?? Its been out for 2 days, and I have seen it 3 times already! Trust me, I do have a life, but I'd much rather loose myself in Twilight, if you know what I mean!
264 pages??? and why do I have only 5/?????
She has more than one link on her page to download the book.  I am with everyone else though, I really wish she would finish it.  I have only read the first chapter.  I am not a patient person and if I read any more it would drive me insane not knowing the end of the book.
I would love for Midnight Sun to get finished & published but I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it would be too disappointing if it never does. If it did get published, it would probably become my favourite Twilight Saga novel.

It made Edward so much more adorable to read his side of the story, made me fall in love even more with him. (i know it is pretty sad, LOL)
Not to worry - I'm pretty sad, too.  Trying to read other books - just doesn't Twilight series.  Would love to read more.  Trust me, you are not alone!  LOL!
hhhmm, I've reserved Water for elephants. Thanks to twilight I do like to read books now before watching the movie. It helps me to read something different to TTS from time to time, lol
I love Midnight Sun although it wasn't finished. If I compare it to Twilight...we'll, let me put it this way. In Midnight Sun it was in Edward's points of view. Where I think it had given away too much of the mystery about Edward and the vampire world. Even Alice's visions about Bella falling in love with Edward too and becomes a vampire eventually. Those were the strong points I loved about it. It made more complete to me. As for the Twilight, I thought Twilight, in Bella's perspectives. It gives me the mystery of Edward and he's world. The more I was eager to uncover it and wanting for more. It gives you the benefit of imagining things ahead of you because of the mystery that gives you. It is excited to the fact that you can only see human world as because of Bella. And that what's the connection of you and the story.


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