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I'm not sure if it is an official one or not but it has just surfaced and I love how it FINALLY is a pic of just Edward and Bella.

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Its really good. I agree with jackie venegas finally edward and bella alone.
Exactly I am tired of seeing Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob and Bella, Kristen and Taylor UGH! I know they are doing it to promote New Moon but my God Edward is still in the story! Everything that is happening is because of Edward and the Cullens leaving! I am really happy with this poster and it gives us Team Edward people something to look at!
its superb
wow what a fancy word KUDOS lol
Omg I love It Totally Hot!!
It's About Time They Had A Poster Of Just Edward And Bella!!
I love how it is just them to look at


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