The Twilight Saga

ok so when the directors of the movies changed the looks of the characters changed a little bit so.....which do you like better?


((I am personally leaning towards New Moon Edward))
A closer look at the candidates plz..........

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new moon edward maybe
his makeup is lighter
and he looks warmer that way, the twilight edward's makeup makes him look unreal
He looks good in both, but I gotta pick Twilight Edward.....
New Moon Edward! He's hot in Twilight too but I just like New Moon better. He looks better and better as the movies go on
totally new moon edward!!!!
If I had to choose it would be New Moon Edward... They are both so hot! It really wouldn't matter! New Moon though since there is a choice!
Actually I like Eclipse Edward the best. He looked more natural. If I have to pick between the two, probably NM Edward. But he's always cute.
I cant resist both, but I lean toward New Moon Edward.


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