The Twilight Saga

ok so when the directors of the movies changed the looks of the characters changed a little bit so.....which do you like better?


((I am personally leaning towards New Moon Edward))
A closer look at the candidates plz..........

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VERY HARD TO CHOOSE!!! But I am leaning towards New Moon Edward Too!! But I do not care they r both cute!! But if I had to Choose I would pick New Moon EDWARD!
well i figured it would be hard to choose due to the fact that he could be wearing like a mini skirt and still find a way to pull it off and look smokin hott lol
i think i like the new moon edward better. hes just more...idk but i like him lolz
I liked Twilight Edward better he was soooooooo hot and mysterious and and hot and nice and hot lol
LOL that is so funny the same for me!! He could wear anything and he would still look HOTT LOL
same for just plain Robert Pattinson.....hmmmmm *light bulb goes off* IDEA!!!!!.....*runs to room grabs mini skirt and packs it into box* *writes Rob's address on box and drops box at post office* :D
ya how couldnt he look hot every thing he wears makes him look sweet an HOT
They are both my Edward but I do like NM a little better but i still love him in both!
Ahhhh! It's Hard They Both Are Drop Dead Hott! But I'm Kinda Loving The New Moon Edward. But Twilight Edward Is Soooooo Hott. Ahhhhh! It's Hard But I'm Leaning Toward New Moon Edward. :]]]]
its hard to chose they both hot
I too am leaning toward New Moon Edward. He is much hotter than he was in Twilight.


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