The Twilight Saga

Does it ever bother you Edward fans that he is a fictional charecter?

I have read & re-read the twilight saga & everytime i read it i fall in love w/ Edward all over again, dream about him & even think about him.

Then i realize he is just a fictional charecter in a series & guys like edward dont exist. It makes me so sad :(

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Thats why i like to read books . I mean i think that we have entered a new world... & we forgot everything even our own existence, sometimes like u said we fall in love with the characters...
But dont worry , dont be sad , i think its normal.
yap,little bit, i start dream that a edward cullen will come in my life &love me like in novel,
Yeah, it really sucks that he is fictional! But at least Rob's great to look at and besides, book boyfriends are way better than real ones.
yes agreed but Edward is on another level amazing ♥
rob is definitely dreamy!!
i completely understand!!!!!

i was going through alot when i first started reading the twilight saga & believe it or not Edwards charecter gave me strenth to realize that i deserved more in a guy & my problems seem to be miniscule when reading the saga. I LOVED IT! & i love Edward & i guess im grateful to have him even as just a fictional charecter. :)
same here, I cant tell you how many times iver read the book. But sure enough i fall in love with Edward more each time. there is something about him thats irresistable and intoxicating. I love escaping into the twilight saga books, you get sucked in automatically into this magical world, and you just dont want to leave. Thats why its so hard to put the books down, you just keep wanting more. He is the perfect man even though he is a vampire, i'd take him anyday :)
he is perfect, i agree infinitely.
& yes it is veryyyy difficult to put the books down, it is like escaping from this mundane world for a while. Unfort. I have not had my fix yet & kinda wish Stephanie Meyer would continue with the series....but thats just wishing =/
stephanie should definitely continue the series. Atleast one with Edwards point of view. Im eager to see what he thinks of and what he thinks of what people think. Hes got his own little world going on. Id give anything for a peek. Weve heard bellas and jakes thoughts on things, its Edwards turn!
i suggest you read stephanie's rough (unfinished) fraft called "Midnight sun" which is Twilight from edwards perspective!

i know its only a part but it was interesting & a glimpse into Edward's mind <33
I know he is fictional but I still read the book's back to back even see him in dream's It's nice to be able to have that kind of escape. everybody need's time away from reality once in a while and what better way to go then thinking of edward He is hot sexy and very romantic


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