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Does it ever bother you Edward fans that he is a fictional charecter?

I have read & re-read the twilight saga & everytime i read it i fall in love w/ Edward all over again, dream about him & even think about him.

Then i realize he is just a fictional charecter in a series & guys like edward dont exist. It makes me so sad :(

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i couldn't agree more :: swoooon
me too! SIGH! I do believe that there are guys like Edward out there, you have to look for them.
sorry i don't believe there really could be.....

part of what makes edward outstanding/amazing is the fact that he's a mythical creature (a vampire) that has powers beyond any human mans abilities - which i believe make him protect & provide for his beloved in a way no real man could ever!

He is the fantasy & the un attainable man - thus cannot be equaled.

That is not to say that there are no good guys out there, i'm sure there are...

just no edwards <33
Edward has ruined me in a way because I compare every guy I now meet to him and they just don't match up.Men really need to start taking tips from Edward they would find dating girls much easier.Am I doomed forever to stay single or is my Edward out there waiting to "climb through my window" and into my life.
Women have it sooo hard we have certain expectations of men its kind of like we are born like this.Only men are not like that in life,its like their born unromantic. WHY OH WHY!
I know they say opposites attract but really,really I think not.
i agree, Stephanie Meyer has utterly doomed us with the fantasy of finding a love as pure & wonderful as Edwards..

Unfortunately Edward Cullen is in fact a mythical fantasy & we will just have to be satisfied with having a man like that in our fantasy world (that is the twilight saga) I believe there are good men out there but if you're looking for Edward, guys are going to have a hard time matching up.

i feel your pain girl!

*hope this helps
Yeah, it does bother me. WHY CAN'T HE BE REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yessssssssss i alreadys have dreams about him and wake up to feel like a vampire with my vampire husban edward but no my little sis is jumping on my bed:(
I agree. maybe later on in life we all will find our own Edward.
He is so romantic and smells so good, how can you not feel he's real in your mind!! I feel the same, falling in love over and over again!! Yes, you are right, guys like him don't exist!!! And book boyfriends are totally way better than real ones!! My husband thinks I cheat on him with Edward!!! How funny!!


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