The Twilight Saga

How did reading the Twilight saga change your life?




[In particular with New Moon] Seeing Edwards charecter and how selfless he was in his feelings toward Bella made me believe that chivalry still exists- even in fictional books.


I had been in a viciuos cycle with this boy that I was absolutely in love with. However, he did not treat me or behave in a way that made me feel like he was a good guy for me, he was opposite of Edward-selfish. After reading New Moon I also felt the strength to endure the hardest thing that could possibly have occured..being away from the one i love but unlike Bella staying away bcaz this guy was bad news.


Reading the saga and seeing how someone (even a vampire) can love someone else so genuinly made me feel like i deserved more..& so i left him & im proud that i had the strength to do so.


This is how Twilight changed my life ♥


whats your story?

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Good to know that twilight is not just an outlet but a source of inspiration and strength as well. Good luck to you SL!
Good for you, I know this had to be difficult for you and I am glad that Twilight has given you the strength you needed to be strong and independent for yourself. You will survive this and you will find someone who is worthy of your love and support and visa versa. You deserve to be with someone who will be there for you the way you are for them.
Twilight changed my life because I was severely depressed when I started reading Twilight because of being out of work for a very long time and feeling like I was letting my family down because of my situation. Twilight gave me the escape I needed to not have to think about the bad things in my life all the time and helped me to see the positive. I love the Twilight Saga and I really hope that Stephanie continues Twilight in some way, hopefully, in completing the series from Edwards point of view, that would be awesome.
Good for you as well!!

& I agree the saga takes you out of your own world & thats why it is amazing ♥ Steph should def continue in some way or another
well said & agreed!

Don't feel bad about being obsessed, you are not alone! & expanding your mind is always a great thing! ♥
Thanks all for your comments & support


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