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What did you think of Rob's appearance on the Hope for Haiti Now Telethon?

He has quite a beard, but looked great as always.

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totally agree.
hi i did not see it yet but i would have to say without seeing it yet ROB HAS TO KEEP THE BEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry
If you go to Youtube and type in hopeforhaitinow telethon you will see it live.
I don't like the beard (just my preference). Just love seeing a face that gorgeous not obstructed by anything. ;-) Wish he was on longer.
I agree with you, I don't like the beard.
i think he looks good with one, plus, if i had off time from working like crazy i wouldn't shave either :P
Well I don't like the beard, but I agree with you that he is entitled to R&R when he is going to start filming Bel Ami in a couple of weeks. Or maybe he is growing it for this film. Thanks.
I agree with you Teri! Much prefer a little bit of stubble, or clean shaven.
I agree with you! He looks better clean shaven!
i like rob in every look, my feeling for him never change
I agree withe him :D :D :D


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