The Twilight Saga

97% girls would freak if Edward Cullen threatened to jump off a building. If you're the 3% pulling up a lawn chair and shouting, "Do a flip, you sparkly retard!", post this on your profile. <-helll yes, i would go further and say DIE, SPARKLES, DIE! i found it on another website called

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this is what i call mean,rude,and unexceptible. this made me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what on earth?!?!
ok if u want to saythings like that. that are rude and unnessisary in the first thing i bet u anyone who really thinks that wouldnt have enough guts to say that to any onea our faces! its wrong to be sayin stuff likr that through the safty of internet and text! the people who belive this can go frigan shove there cellphone or computer uip there butt!!!!

thats just sick and totaly juvinile who eva wrote that on pokefarm is a retard but if he did jump off a building i'd follow after him


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