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Hey Edward Lovers!! I am starting a writing contest!! The winner will be picked by my assistant and I. The winner’s writing will be posted on the groups front page and will be sent to all of my friends and you will get a cute Edward picture too! All you have to do is write one of the scenes in either of the Twilight books in Edwards point of view. The choices of scenes are

Twilight- After James Bites Bella

Eclipse- In the tent with Jacob
Breaking Dawn- When Edward is turning Bella into a vampire and thinks she is Dead

The Contest will end September 5th. Good Luck!!! And have fun. If you know anyone that would like to enter the contest please tell them!! I am looking forward to reading them!! Thanks so much and watch for other contests !! If you have any questions please ask me or my assistant! Thanks!!

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Hey I would love to enter.
I would love to enter. But I have a few ?s about it.Acceppt my friend request so i can tell you
YAY! Thanks for answeing! I am entering.
i would love to enter
i am up for it =)
Great I wish all of you good luck!! just post your entry here when your done!!
Thanks for the entry!!!
AWW That entry is beautiful Rose. :(
I know it is wonderful!!
i wanna say that Rose's entry rocked come on everyone else BLOW US AWAY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't get this to send in a message, so I'll just post it here :/ Here's my entry for the contest, let me know what you think (:

"Red for Love" by Wanting-To-Be-A-Cullen

I stared down at the mark that was going to be forever embossed in Bella's skin, and thought of only how much I loathed myself.

After arriving at the scene of James feeding attempt, I had used all my strength to ward him off of her. He'd put up a fight, but our numbers were too big. He didn't stand a chance, and was now perishing in the fire that Emmett and Jasper had fueled. But before we could get a hold of his caniving scheme, he'd sunk his teeth into my reason for living.

I continued to stare ruefully at my Bella's thrashing body. The venom was flooding through her system, and it wouldn't be long before it was too late.

"Edward, the change is happening," Carlisle announced quietly.

I cursed under my breath and closed my eyes. I had been trying to prevent this, prevent this soul-sucking transformation. Why couldn't I be different?

I sat in silence, watching her squirm under Alice's hands. Why couldn't I have changed this outcome? I could have taken back every mistake I'd made. If I hadn't always pushed her away when she attempted physical contact, I could have spent more intimate time with her.

"I was wrong about you on one other thing, as well. You're not a magnet for accidents-- that's not a broad enough classification. You are a magnet for trouble. If there is anything dangerous within a ten-mile radius, it will invariably find you."

"And you put yourself in that category?" she guessed.


She stretched her hand across the table, ignoring my slight draw back, to touch my hand. "Thank you. That's twice now."

I pulled my hand away and place it under the table, seeing her grimace. "Let's not try for three, agreed?"

I could have done so much differently. In my stone heart, I had known that if there was anything like heaven or bliss in this world, it was Bella. I knew she was for me, but I didn't want to believe it. If I had only listened when I'd first met her...

"You think I lifted a van off you?"

She nodded, her jaw tight.

"Nobody will believe that, you know," I said.

"I'm not going to tell anybody," she replied, each word distinct.

"Then why does it matter?"

"It matters to me," she insisted. "I don't like to lie--so there'd better be a good reason why I'm doing it."

There was a good reason, but I wasn't about to share it with her. "Can't you just thank me and get over it?"

"Thank you."

"You're not going to let it go, are you?"


Finally, the anger reached my words and I lashed out. "Then I hope you enjoy disappointment."

She paused, staring at my face, searching it for anything other than the furious words I'd just told her. I hoped she didn't find anything. "Why did you even bother?"

It caught me off guard. "I don't know," I whispered.

I turned my head away in shame. I couldn't look at her. Now it was all flooding back. The mistakes, the lies, the time I'd lost. Now it was over. If I was going to try to eliminate the venom from her system, I was going to end up killing her. I couldn't do it. Not with how much I had hurt her already. She didn't deserve it. Even if she was a vampire, she could have a sliver of her old life, and venture as far away from me as possible.

"Edward!" she screamed in agony. She was in pain. My Bella, my precious Bella in pain.


Detemination set in. I would not let her leave her human life. I would not let her experience the h3ll that most of us went through.

I would suck the venom out.

Without any consent from Carlisle, I bent down to her hand. With the blood in such near proximity, it was overwhelming. This is what I had dreamed of since the day I met her. Drinking the potent blood that spun my world around. Except this time, it wasn't for my selfishness. It was for the sake of my love.

My lips brushed the wound, and I could feel my mouth water. But before I began, I lifted my head towards her. "I love you, Bella. I'm going to make the fire go away."

I took a deep breath and pressed my lips to her palm. I drew the blood in, and instantly felt the frenzy. But a part of my mind stopped me for a split second.

"Save Bella. Save Bella."

I closed down my mind and continued to take in the warm, savory liquid. I could taste James' venom, but only a hint of it underneath the delicacy of her blood. My thoughts were gone, and I continued drinking. I never wanted it to stop.

Finally, the hint of the sour venom was gone, and it was all around goodness. I kept going, not giving up for anything. This was too great of a treasure. No wonder it smelled so--

"Edward," Carlisle called to my dead mind. "Her blood's clean, you're killing her."

I shook my head slightly. There was only one thing in the world that would halt the most tasty substance in the history of blood.

"Bella," he said, so softly I wasn't sure I heard him.

The gears in my mind picked back up, working at full speed. I was suddenly aware of the event that was taking place. I was drinking my soul mate's blood... I was killing her, not James.

"Bella, I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you. You don't know how it's tortured me. The thought of you, still, white, never see you blush scarlet again, to never see that flash of intuition in your eyes when you see through my would be unendurable. You are the most important thing to me now. The most important thing to me ever."

I remembered her answer. So simple, yet it made my world come alive. It made me see how beautiful love can be.

"You already know how I feel, of course. I'm here...which roughly translated, means I would rather die than stay away from you."

And now she got her wish. She was going to die. And so was I, inside.

With all the force I could manage without breaking her arm off, I tore her hand away. Ripped it off of my teeth and crawled backwards. I'd just experienced what I'd waited for so long, and yet, it wasn't pleasurable to know I'd almost failed. But I didn't. I'd won. And now I got to keep her forever.

Good job, Edward, Alice thought. She was smiling at me, and I knew she was proud I'd saved her best friend.

Carlisle had silent joy towards me, but he was concentrating on putting Bella in a makeshift leg brace. I could feel how proud he was, also. It made me even more victorious.

After a few calming minutes, I approached Bella and stroked her hand. "Edward," she murmured, barely making a noise.

"He's here, Bella," Alice answered.

"Stay, Edward, stay with me..."

My heart felt whole as she pleaded. After all the trouble I had caused her, including a brink-of-death experience, she still wanted me. "I will," I vowed.

"Is it all out?" Carlisle asked.

"Her blood tastes clean. I can taste morphine," I said, trying to keep quiet so I didn't frighten Bella with the task I'd just executed.

"Bella?" he asked her.

Her answer came out as a mumble, but she answered nevertheless.

"Is the fire gone?"

"Yes," she replied, sounding relieved. "Thank you, Edward."

I grinned. "I love you."

"I know," she breathed, drifting to sleep. We conversed more about how James had tricked her, but after assuring her that she wasn't the only one who fell for his ruse, I cradled her in my arms.

"Sleep now, Bella."

Obeying orders, she rested her head on my chest, and her breathing became even. Carlisle proceeded out the door, followed by Alice. Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie were fueling the fire, making sure it burned the whole building down. I was about to venture out the door, my soul in my hands, when a piece of the broken mirror on the wall caught my attention.

In it, I saw my scarlett eyes, glowing with the pleasure of human blood. Normally, I would shy away from this, knowing that this red meant murder. Loss. A monster let loose.

But now, it only brought me joy. This wasn't the red of murder. This was the red of love. And that was all my world revolved around now.


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