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Adam is trying very hard to get a song on the soundtrack!! What do you guys think??? I LOVE Adam and I think he will be perfect!! He wrote a song to suit the movie but hasnt released it because it didnt match the genre of his album.

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i havnt heard any of his i will look some up later...
No problem every1 has their own opinions AND I reaaly want paramore on the soundtrack 2!!!!!!
Yayyyy!!! tahnx 4 agreeing with me!!!!
adam would be awesome. just got his cd today for christmas
What did u think of it????? I LOVE it!!! What do u want from me is my fav song!!!!
I just love that little video!!! great song....I wounder how come they never made a real music video from the movie and sound track..Did anyone see any on Much Music?
Yea I hope they do, it would be great, combining a brilliant movie with an outstanding singer!!!
Yea I LOVE it!!!!!
I don't think he would be a good fit on the soundtrack, his music is to pop.
He said that he wrote a song that doesnt really fit in2 the pop genre that would really fit a twilight movie........... but we will just have 2 see
i LOVE Adam!!!
i hope he gets on the soundtrack =D
Yeah, that would be great, as he is edgy, and soo talented!


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