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Please explain this to me.  Why do you want Bella to pick Jacob?  If she was to chose him and not Edward, there will be no Renesmee  for Jacob to imprint on.  The way I understand it is that imprinting is more powerful than the love you have for someone ( ex. Sam, Leah and Emily).  Plus you cannot control who you imprint on.   Once again, if she was to chose Jacob and someone else came along that he was to imprint with, then Bella would have no one. 

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you can only imprint on one and if Bella didnt sleep with Edward then Renesme wouldnt be born so theres no one to imprint on for Jacob. In other words if Bella chose Jacob then he would live forever with her with no one to imprint on because Renesme wouldnt be born
you get it ?
But I think since there was no Renesme to imprint on he WOULD imprint on someone else. So I agree with the topic, why should she go with Jacob when he will leave her for another someday. IMO.
Im not saying that she should (im team Switzerland :P) but theres only one they can imprint on not more than one
If Renesme doesn't exist, he would imprint on another, she would be his one.
He CANT! Theres only one he can imprint on!
Yeah the one that does exist! How can you count the one that never exists as the one.
its like this for example Jacob was supposed to imprint on a girl who lived in Washington while he is in Florida (its fate) but then she died....she was his imprint even if she died she was his one and only imprint! Its not like that now she's dead then he'll imprint on someone else..No..she died and now Jake cant imprint on anyone else
you get me?
But dying and never existing is 2 differnet things. I understand and agree about the dying thing. But if Renesme never exists, then there would be another for him.
ok I really dont know how to tell you what I mean
Look at Sam, Leah and Emily situation. Sam and Leah was each other true love. Emily came to town to visit and Sam imprinted with her. He went with Emily even though he still loved Leah. The same could happen with Bella and Jacob.
Jacob would still have an imprint. It is not the person physically being that has the connection. It is their spiritual/ soul that the connection is made.
Yes we can. I was just trying to understand the reasoning behind Team Jacob wanting Jacob and Bella being together when there is a high risk of him being destin to another. :)


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