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Please explain this to me.  Why do you want Bella to pick Jacob?  If she was to chose him and not Edward, there will be no Renesmee  for Jacob to imprint on.  The way I understand it is that imprinting is more powerful than the love you have for someone ( ex. Sam, Leah and Emily).  Plus you cannot control who you imprint on.   Once again, if she was to chose Jacob and someone else came along that he was to imprint with, then Bella would have no one. 

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Yes, he would imprint on another, since Nessie doesn't exist. She couldn't be the one if she never exists.
I don't understand how you can imprint on someone who never exists. Because we know the scenrio where she does, I think that clouds everyones thought process. What if it went the other way and she (Bella) picked Jacob and Nessie was never in the picture, never a thought for anyone, I think everyone would think differently. I have always thought that if he went with Bella then one day her would imprint on someone else. I don't know maybe I am wrong but that is what I think.
I look at it the same way you do.


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