The Twilight Saga

I made it, mainly because i couldnt wait that long...:P

Here's the link:


(thanks to all the people that answered)





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Idk... but be sure and tell everyone when you do! maybe after Eclipse is out? or the first pics start coming out? but that prolly won't be for a while...
what do you mean??
I say you should make it now!!!
OHH now I get it :S I feel like such an idiot :S

I think you should make it when Eclipse is out
Barbara Jackosn
Personally I think maybe start it a little while after Eclipse comes out... so once it's been out for awhile we can start getting excited about Breaking Dawn!! :)
Thanks everybody for the feedback...:)
I think you should make it a little while after eclipse comes out that way everyone can get even more hyped up for Breaking Dawn part 1.
i say make it now!!
i think yhu should make it after eclipse
be sure to add that they are thinking to make the movie two parts
I think you should make it now since there's info & media already coming out . Name is Gina.
I think you should make it after you watch eclipse!


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