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i dont think i'll be able to wait that long...:P

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I know I can't believe that they are waiting a year in between both movies that's kind of insane to wait for the ending but of course as twi-hards we are we will wait.
I think it's way too long, I think they are taking this for more than what its worth and a lot of people are not going to be as interested in it with having to wait a year in between.
I agree having a saga this big you don't want your fans to wait in between movies to see the ending especially since we know how it ends. I don't know I don't think they should of made it into two movies. Fans that love Twilight would have sat in a theater to watch the long movie and my only concern is that they will do like they did Eclipse and leave out such important parts of the story and there were already rumors about leaving out Jacobs part of the book which is a huge part of that book so I don't see how they can drag the move into two. Hoping for the better I do know that this time around I will make sure that I pay to see all the movies at once instead of standing in line for just the newer one. I heard the experience was really good when you see them all together.
When Eclipse came out, they had a Twilight triple bill where they played twilight, New Moon and then at midnight Eclipse. It was really great, it was long but I had a awesome time. I never saw Twilight in the theater and it made it all that much better. New Moon I saw quite a few times in the theater but everytime there was such a huge line up, and trying to find good seats was hard. I just find that after finding out it's going to be a year in between part 1 & 2, I'm kinda mad, I absolutely love the Twilight Saga, but you can only read the books so many times, and I think they're going to loose a lot of their audience, the younger people (like my daughter) might not be as into it, there might be something new by then.
I think that its to long to wait on the second movie.. I think by this bad desison the movie will kind of faze out and people will be interrested but the sell will go down due to better movies coming out. twilight has a lot of computiton ahead of them. They better put on ther game faces and up the movie acton as well as special effects.. can't wait to see what they will
OMG thats a long time away i cant wait
Thats way too long!!!!! waiting a year!!!! :(


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