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yes! i think there gonna keep getting better and breaking dawn will be the best!!!
Yes, well i hope so

Breaking dawn is going to be way better than ALL of them!!!!
I loved New Moon. I read the leaked script for Eclipse and I hope it turns out well, but the script felt a little like they'd cut some of the emotional stuff in the love triangle in order to focus more time on the actions scenes. I hope not, but I'm really nervous.

Can't wait for June 20!
duh lol it has alot more action
lol I do agree with you on that chris did a phenomenol job with New Moon but hopefully David Slade does a good job also
Yes, I hope so!! I read the scrip and it seems like they cut some emotional things... I just hope they can make a wonderfull job... *smiles*
i'm sure eclipse will be far more be better than new moon because of the much more exposure of Edward Cullen and I think they would follow what was on the book.....(hope so...)but, i wish they would delete the scene wherein jacob would kiss bella although that's impossible...
I hope so . Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are my favourite books in the series.
I sure hope so! They didn't let us down with New Moon.... and I remember being a little nervous then. We're all keeping our fingers crossed for Eclipse. We want all the emotions with the action!! :)
I really think eclipse will be a lot better than new moon. can't wait to see it!!!
I think so too, but New Moon was good. Better that Twilight -_-


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