The Twilight Saga

Read it here :)

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Its not opening :(
It opened perfect for me, it's an ADOBEPDF but its being opened on this site..Hmm..Lemme post the TEXT version, the simplest one..
In text form
Do you think you can copy it and put it on Microsoft Word and put it on here?
Got it :)
:( why doesnt it work with mine!! :(
dude it took me 2 hours to read it and OMJ i cannot wait for the tent scene its gonna be inTENTS ok wow that was a bad joke sorry i had to put it out there
:( I wish I can.... HAHA sorry im complaining i should stop :P
Thankyou you have made my year I have printed it up so i can read at my own pace. I heard he ( jackson rathbourne) let the Twilight and new moon get out as well? don't know?
i know this would be a big favor...
can you please email me the text vesion of the script...
here is my email add
if you can email it to me please put on the subject ECLIPSE SCRIPT.
thank you very much...
it ever the script of twilight and newmoon is relese please do send me a personal message....thanks,...
its just that i dont have so mush time in using the internet..
There is a web site called IMSDb ( The Internert Movie Script Database) It is free and there you can get the scripts for Twilight and New moon and Eclipse they are 110 pages 88pages and 146 pages long but if you are a diehard fan like myself theyare worth it the only problem is you can sav them to your computer but you can print them up. Be careful beacause there are other web sites like this but they want you to pay and this is Free. Good luck and you may find more scripts.
Wow thanks for putting it up. Thanks :)


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