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whats your favourite part of eclipse???

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i agree.
These are my fav too!!!
The attempted sex talk and the tent scene!
the camping scene, the sex talk with charlie, when bella was telling jacob not to go tto the war
with the broken hand and "will you marry me ?"
i like when bella and emmett are talking about why she broke her hand
my favorite part wow I have so many. the sex talk, the whole chapters of fire & ice & compromise. Love the part when Bella hits Jake & When Edward tells him off. I laughed at those parts. I'm very curious how the movie is going to be.
i just really like the whle werewolf group meeting w/ the cullens. that was cool, i also like the fight scene with victoria.
My Favorite part of Eclipse would have to be the part when bella and Edward get some ALONE time before they go to the mountains and shes hinting toward ..*cough cough*..yea and then he ask her to marry him and he gets down on one knee and ask...AWWW..and then the end where shes like im glad your bullet proof cuz were gonna go tell Charlie!...((I LOVE THIS BOOK BETTER THEN ALL OF THE BOOKS))
I really liked that part to. It was acually quite hilarious how Edward just didnt get what she was getting at.
IKR!....and i was the same way untill i read that she was unbuttoning his
I like the tent. I can only imagine how good its going to be in the film. I think though when she kisses Jacob and realizes that she loves him too is one of my favorite parts. I mean you have to really feel for all the characters at this point-they all have such deep seering pain in this book. This is by far my favorite book in the series. Theres just so much going on.


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