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Rachelle Lefevre aka Victoria will not be playing victoria in eclipse or breaking dawn as you probably already know. I think that she is the perfect person to play victoria and that no o ne else in the world could ever do a better job. Plus, the new victoria doesnt look like her @ all and her voice is gonna be all different and wrong!!!! anyway, now that i have given you some things to consider please tell me how you feel about her leaving the movies.

the first pic is rachelle as victoria
the second pic is the new girl (Bryce Dallas Howard)**sorry i couldnt find any of her as victoria

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I think maybe keep an open mind. Never know we may be surprised. Too bad Rachelle Lefevre working on another project got in the way. But like I said maybe need to hide & watch.
this is awfull if u ask me . i mean lets change all the actors , do u imagine how would that be. i watch the movie and : "wow who is that ? ... oww VIctoria, god she's chaged. And look who is that .. oww X ... ammm what am i looking at , did i got the wrong movie or smth ???" i don't like seeing new faces, i want the old ones. i hope Pattinson woun't leave the project too, because i wil not watch it any more, and it would be a waste for all the work....
How could it be!?! it will be not like Victoria 'cause Rachelle started the Victoria role already! when an another actress will be coming, it cannot be Victoria anymore 'cause what the twihard people knows as Victoria was Rachelle!
I know I freaking hate that she's not playing Victoria anymore. I'm so mad that they have to let her go. And plus i'm wondering why they asked her in the first place to be Victoria if they knew they were going to let her gooo.
i <3 the new chick
Im disappointed :( I wanted her to be on it!!!
I'm not saying money is not part of it, but I don't think so. Do you really think Bryce is doing the movie at SAG rates? They're not saving any money. The main reason they let her go is because those measly little ten days were during the portion of Eclipse shooting when all the other actors (and rachelle, had she been there) were scheduled to go through fight training and rehearsal. So pretty much the most important part of the movie for the role of Victoria. Also, venues for shooting had already been booked and contracts for those venues had already been signed, making it very difficult to change the scheduled shooting dates. These were venues where the character of Victoria had to be filmed.

I LOVE Rachelle, but she is partly at fault here. She knew for weeks about the overlap in schedule and didn't inform Summit right away. If she had given them more than a few weeks notice, perhaps the schedule for shooting could have been arranged differently to accommodate her.
That decision is awful & horrible!! I don't understand why they let her go!! Rachelle is the best person to act like Victoria...i don't think that the "new Victoria" is good at all...I HATE that decision and I will miss Rachelle a lot : ( :´(
want the one that was on twilight and new moon to be the one continuing.........
I was very dissapointed when I first heard the news... but sadly that is show-biz sometimes! I will miss the original Victoria but am trusting that the new one will do a great job. She looks like she can fit the character well. I'm not going to let the change have too much impact on me. I have been so "wow"-ed by the books and the movies so far!!! :) Go Twi-Saga!!!
The new Victoria is Bryce Howard who is Ron Howard's daughter. I think we should be open minded and give her a chance. She obviously comes from an extremely talented family!
i dont know maybe shell do awesome im just mad that she left and this is the movie were you see victoria the most and idk about this new girls she just doesnt look as fit for the character as rachelle but idk maybe shell look perfect after they put some makeup on her and curl her hair. hopefully they curl her hair


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