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Rachelle Lefevre aka Victoria will not be playing victoria in eclipse or breaking dawn as you probably already know. I think that she is the perfect person to play victoria and that no o ne else in the world could ever do a better job. Plus, the new victoria doesnt look like her @ all and her voice is gonna be all different and wrong!!!! anyway, now that i have given you some things to consider please tell me how you feel about her leaving the movies.

the first pic is rachelle as victoria
the second pic is the new girl (Bryce Dallas Howard)**sorry i couldnt find any of her as victoria

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I'm disappointed for Rachelle, especially since I saw an interview from before she was fired where she said she was looking forward to the fight scenes in Eclipse and had been looking forward to filming those since before she finished filming Twilight. She seems to be a genuine fan of the books and I thought she was excellent as Victoria.

That being said, none of this is Bryce Dallas Howard's fault. Summit called her and offered her the job after they had already decided to fire Rachelle. Bryce also seems to be a fan of the books and I wish her well in the role. I'll be open-minded about the change because I don't want to judge Bryce just because I'm disappointed about Rachelle. Plus, Bryce has an excellent reputation as an actress, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed that this turns out well.

Did you see Rachelle in her role on The Deep End last Thursday (1/21/10)? She was very good.
its horrible....but gess wat i heard? i heard that rachelle was gonna keep playing the part but summit said no....there mite b something behind all of it that we dont no bout...but rachelle was the best her hair and everything was perfect
i read wat summit said bout rachelle and it made me wat a bunch of crap!! rachelle could have still played victoria....i feel sorry 4 her
I really dont like it when characters are changed in a movie series. I'm kinda disappointed since Eclipse is my favorite and i was really looking forward to seeing Victoria shine in all her evilness! but i guess i will get over it. i really wish it wouldnt have happened though!
I saw Bryce Howard as Victoria and in the picture i saw, she didnt look like Rachelle at all, but i think she looked like her in the trailer for Eclipse. But they'll prob'ly just not show her face up close, so you wont be able to tell. i think she'll be an okay Victoria over all.


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