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I'm very surprised that there isn't a discussion for this yet. Unless I missed it?? Anyway, it is speculated that Jackson Rathbone "Jasper" leaked one of his earlier scripts for the Eclipse movie. It is supposedly available in PDF format online. And I guess Anna Kendrick "Jessica" (I THINK?!) did somewhat the same thing for New Moon's. But it never got publicized over the web.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Would you read it?

Personally, I have no desire to read it. I want to be surprised, and since it wasn't put out by Summit, I don't feel I have the right to read it...unlike Midnight Sun once Stephenie Meyer put it on her official page.

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Maybe!!! I would read it ...
i would watch it! give me a heads up on whats to be expected!
I have it saved to my computer, but I doubt I will ever read it. From what I have heard it's just a rough copy of the script anyway, not the final draft that was used for the movie. I don't feel right about reading it either so I'll probably just leave it alone.
omg where did u find it? can u send me the link i mean i think its wrong to read it but i wanna peak(: please reply thanks...
It's saved to my computer. I'm not really sure how to post documents on here from my harddrive.
Here you go, Mrs. Cullen:
Even though its for Mrs. Cullen, thanks! :) lol
Now the question, do I read it... or do I wait?
You're welcome. Reading it or not depends on how intent on being surprised when you go see the movie in June. I've read it and it's really good. It really makes the anticipation for the movie even great for me cuz I can't wait to see it all acted out.
Yea. I haven't decided yet. I'm in the middle of an internal battle. haha. Read now b/c I am so excited about it, or wait to be surprised.

Did you have any problem with downloading/saving that script? After I saved it to my computer every document that I have ever saved was deleted. Is it possible that it has a virus?
I didn't have any problems with it, so I don't know.
heya do u mind if i have it?
Here it is, Bella.


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