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I'm very surprised that there isn't a discussion for this yet. Unless I missed it?? Anyway, it is speculated that Jackson Rathbone "Jasper" leaked one of his earlier scripts for the Eclipse movie. It is supposedly available in PDF format online. And I guess Anna Kendrick "Jessica" (I THINK?!) did somewhat the same thing for New Moon's. But it never got publicized over the web.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Would you read it?

Personally, I have no desire to read it. I want to be surprised, and since it wasn't put out by Summit, I don't feel I have the right to read it...unlike Midnight Sun once Stephenie Meyer put it on her official page.

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No problem!!!
so i found it, read it, amazing.. but if that is the ending i am not sure i like it.
I think i would read it, just to have an idea of what it would be like, because i don't want to be disappointed with the movie because it's my favorite book and i wish that everything was in it... but i don't think it will be, but i wish =)
I read it, and it was good! :)
i wouldnt read it... :/
I'm curious about something, without giving much away, do they focus more on Edward and Bella's relationship in this one (and Jacob's constant annoying attempts to get her back)? Or is it centered around the fighting? Because I've heard that its more fighting less romance, which IMO would be BAD and kinda dumb, considering the books aren't about the fight but rather the love.
I thought they did a really good job at making it about both. There is a lot about the fight, but there a lot about relationships also.
That's good. I'd hate for the movies not to be popular because they don't stick to making it Bella and Edward's story.
I don't think we have to worry about the movies not being popular. Twilight fans will go see the movies regardless.
Yea, that's true.
Say who? The New moon script did leak one of my friend got it but i DIDN'T LOOK at it! She was telling me about it and after we watch 1st New Moon Premiered i only read it once on the way ome cause she was feeding my curiosity by talking about how the movie was suppose to be and what scene the cut out. As hard as i tried she has it in her ipod as an e-book and she actually brought it so forgive me that i can't keep my eyes off the ipod screen when she put it to my face. I must say the original script was much more interesting. But i don't know who leak it.
yeah i have eclipse on my computer and read it once. i really liked it and i'm super excited but i also think they could've done a lot more with it.

(stick to the book completely, order of the scenes and that kind of stuff)



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