The Twilight Saga

Wat do u think about d pics?


I think Leah looks awesome.


In Bella's 2nd pic her left eye looks weird... like someone punched her in it idk...


Edward, Carlisle, Jasper (ignoring the hair), Emmett n Jake all look great :-)


ummm I really liked Rachel as Victoria so am not so sure I like how Bryce looks...


I luv Jane's evil little smile :-)

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they all look so serious, but the pics r cool i think esme looks weird?
Love Jane's eyes!!
ok , I really don't like this new promo pics.

1. Edward looks old
2. Emette looks weird.Like he should be in Star trek(Spock)
3. the new victoria, I have no words
4. Jasper, really why the long hair.

Ok, It least Roselia, looks better then in New Moon. And where is the pics of Paul?
ok i am rele mad at the new Victoria Rachelle was perfect 4 the role the hair and everything but this new girl doesnt look as good!! i luv everything else tho


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