The Twilight Saga

This came out awhile back...but i was wondering what everybody thought!!!

Do you like it???

(And one thing that excites me is the date, so does that mean it will definatly come out on june 30th???..Arhh cant wait!!)

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I love that poster!!!
i got 3 wods. I-LOVE-IT
it's so beatiful! i want to see it right now *_*
*smiles* I luv this poster!! And wat makes it even better is that June 30th is my birthday!!!
happy birthday for june the!!

omg...that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who made it? cuz ive seen millions like it and its most definentalky comming out June 30th
its official...summit made it!
it's amazing, but i believe that it should be somewhere a photo of the god rob....
this is the real movie poster . i saw it at the movies when i went to see New Moon in theaters! i think it is totally awesome !!!
yea luv the poster . . . . its making me want 2 watch it even more . . . . .


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