The Twilight Saga

ei MUST see this..

leave your thought below..what do you think????

im so speechless..OME!!!

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well hell i thought it was real...lolol
ROB IS UG-LEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't think it's real.... but to be honest it will be great if it will become real!!! (sorry to be selfish, but RobSten is ....WOW!)
i like this picture..... anyway thank you to share it.
i so much agree.. :))
i think its photoshop! becuz it looks like they tried to make her face brighter,
and he looks blurry. and she doesnt.
I think they left a little blonde hair too.....right bottom corner!
Wow, it does look real! i'd like it to be real... ^^ !
it was after the twilight film when he got his hair cut...
omg is that really them?. . .. r u sure its not a cut and then paste pic
sorry to disappoint you..but it is.. fans who was so obsessed made it!! funny though... and like it..
its cute! X)


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