The Twilight Saga

ei MUST see this..

leave your thought below..what do you think????

im so speechless..OME!!!

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Wow, but I think is photoshop! There is something weird in their faces :S
well, do you reallly think it is?? but they said it's real.. it was shot on the hotel..they say..

but i do too..look at rob's neck and his face..haha
i officially agree! hehe..
I agree to...
so do i :)
so do i
Yeah...I agree. I mean really...look at Rob's neck and you can also tell by the outline of their faces. But, alot of the photos you see of them like this are photoshoped!
no it's really the way the flash hits they're faces no photoshop can do that. where did you find this picture? it is so adorable and cute.
lol...this picture came out awhile back...and eventually people worked out it was photoshopped! Also Both of their eyes arent the right colour!!!

but i like it any way... who ever did this is very very clever, i thought it was real for ages, until i read this website which was stating every think that wasnt right with it...

But i am going to pretend its real....becasue i love robsten...

Thanks for posting...

Also i love the the picture u posted in the comments of edward and jacob kissing with screw bella at the bottom, hadnt seen that before and it made me!!

you're very welcome! what makes me happy..i promise i'll share it with you guys!!

my classmates and I are still laughing whenever we see that picture!!

i'll post some more when i found some..^_^
hi ! what was the website ? i'd like to check it out ! thanks


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