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There's one choice, two future soul mates, two people she she'll have to give up forever..... Who do you want Bella to end up with? Do you want her to stay with Edward and join the dark but seductive world of immortals? Or do you want her to stay with the amazingly hot Jacob Black and pursue her human life for Charlie, her mom...Jake? What's your opinion? Bella+Edward=:) or :(

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BELLA AND EDWARD ofc...i love them, they fall in love in twilight, and should (and will) always be in love until the end...also i'm a massive robsten fan so...
I think she should stay with Edward (not saying this ONLY because I'm Team Edward), because she really has feelings for him, and she wouldv'e fell for him if he was a vampire or not. But I also think Jacob is okay, since she's known him longer, and she acts very confident because she knows that he won't mind. But, Edward is a bit more mature.
TEAM JACOB but she should stay with Edward cause the only reason that Jacob loves her is cause Resseme or aka Nessy but he cant sense that so if she goes with Jacob it ruins the story and Jacob and nessy wont be together.But im still team Jacob cause he trys to protect Bella to.Its not only Edward!!!
yup i agree cuz edward left in new moon and jacob took over and protected her wen the bloodsucker left
that is soo true
Finally! Thank you! Bella has no clue what she has until he's gone. And after that, well tough luck, Bella, you're stuck with Edward!
yeah she doesnt he out of her league
im switzerland edward and jacob i refuse to be affeced by territoral disputes between mythical creatures and because it is to hard to choose
Edward. They were meant to be together.
I really don't now, I love jacob but I like edward too
I think I am team jacob are edward they both are great
wel I love taylor soo,I dont now


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