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I was just wondering that wasn't Leah kinda very TOUGH for a girl....... u know right...
So Vanessa Hudgens playing Leah... Quite UNUSUAL. So guys just poll 'n' tell that ......

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the first choice was Vanessa so was it that she is better or da new one??
i like the leah they have...and my reason why that shouldnt have vanessa is....
1. becasuse i dont like her...
2. And i think twilight will turn "disney like" if she is in it!
3. And...errmmm...i not a massive fan of hsm....

so thats my reason (rubbish ones i no) but over all i just dont like vanessa!!

really do you no who it it?? :) x
no way, leah is way too strong of a character to be played by Vanessa Hudgens... she could prolly half way pull it off in Eclipse, but not in breaking dawn. thats when leah's at her "best"or worst!! Vanessa is way to disney.. way too perky to play a pissed off, love scorn were-wolf!!!

definately a no for V.hudg... and thank Goodness for that!!!
I agree...
It would be awful to have VH in eclipse it will be disney and she cant act ! nobody likes her and nobody will like the movie with that HER IN IT WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN ! AND I AGREE....... TO GIRLY !
absolutely NO.. too gurly
oh and also if megan fox ever stepped foot near these movies i would chuck a fit... she is a dirty trailer park skank she cant act and she should just go to starring in porno's... no one on the set of transformers liked her... they all said she was a foul mouthed trailer park idiot
definitely not!
why would they want vanessa hudgens to be leah ? what are they thinking ??????
I like Vanessa Hudgens but i don't think she will play the role Leah like i imagined while reading the book...Leah's quite a tough girl and Vanessa isn't so...she isn't right for the part!!
no!! of course they are making a really big mistake if they choose her!! i don't like her!!


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