The Twilight Saga

i love fire and ice, and compromise!!

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my faves are ch 11 Legends/ ch 13 Newborn/ ch 18 Instruction/ and ch 22 Fire and Ice
awsome chaps.!! :)
Eclipse is one of my fav fav chaps are compromise, fire and ice, but also chap 4. Nature and chap 6. Switzerland....i love reading about Edward being jelous, he's soo lovely!!!! xP
yeah! X) edwards jealousy is cute .
yeah i agree Edward being jealous is humours
those are also my favorite chapters it's fun to finally see Edward and Jacob talk
yes it is! :)
I love chaps 5, 6, 22, and 23
awsome! :)
yeah...compromise makes me laugh, also fire and ice....i dont no...can i say every!


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