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Which Song do u Think is Best for eclipse???
Hey guys...........
we all know the story of eclipse..
so i just wondered wondered which song would be best dedicated to ECLIPSE.....
Enrique Iglesias' RHYTHM DIVINE or..........
Taylor Swift's LOVE STORY
Whatever it may be.......
please tell your Song/s tooooooooooooooo.......
-will be waiting for replies,

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i would be very happy ,when they use the songs singing by rob ,because his voice is exactly right for the movie,the way he plays is pain ,he sing his pain to,i missed that in new moon
the songs let me sign and never think where asome ,not only a fan from edwardrob but also from rob as singer.
i realy like his raw voice,
i think a lot off people agree with me!!!
I love Rob and agree he should have some songs on the soundtrack.
totally agree
ummm love story!!!
love is a battlefield by pat benatar.... lol. no jk!!!! i think.............. well for the problems and conflicts going on in forks probably all we know by paramore and for the love between edward and bella it could be........... all i wanted by paramore or the only exception or my heart or stuck on you------ all by paramore :D and for the love triangle........... i'm not sure.
I'm thinking Mistery Bisness by Paramore
i agree!
Undisclosed Desires by Muse
I love THAT song xD
I doubt any of those songs would be dedicated to Eclipse because it's not just a love story, it's also a heart breaking novel so neither of those...
Well if we can't think of a suitable song, what is your choice?
If you listen to Undisclosed Desires it's not just a love song.


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