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As you all no victoria has been replaced in eclipse...going from Rachelle Lefevre to Bryce Dallas Howard...but who do u like best???

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who's bryce dallas howard????
I just don't like it when they switch actress' in a movie series like this. It's just better with the same people all the way through. The movie will still be great though because the other actors are still the same. I will miss Rachelle though.
bryce is beautiful. i love her. her hair is wilder and redder which is a crucial pert in eclipse as that is all bella describes:her looks i LUVVV HER!
am i the only person who likes bryce better?! let me know if you do too!!
Still Rachelle, i think original stars will keep Twilight series alive, but let see how is it going with Bryce as Victoria...... for sure thank's to Rachelle coz she has done awesome act!


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