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As you all no victoria has been replaced in eclipse...going from Rachelle Lefevre to Bryce Dallas Howard...but who do u like best???

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Rachelle all the way! You cant just change the actress...and she was excellent!! :)
Rachelle, but let's wait and see how things pan out wityh the up-coming movies..... B xxx
yeah..i think i will watch her before i say any think...although rachelle was great!!
Rachelle Lefevre!
I think Rachelle! but I don't know why they changed the actress...
maybe Bryce is gonna be a very good Victoria as well... We'll see :D
she was replaced because of the rachelle's schedule, she was filming an indie film and was not allowed to make an excuse about they replaced her.. actually she requested for a 10days off from the shooting of eclipse, but, they are in a hurry so she has been replaced!!

Right now i will always like Rachelle bcuz i dont think ive seen to much Bryce in action yet so im sorta undecided for the moment
Rachelle of course!!!!!!
RACHELLE!! Ofcourse ! They should keep her!
I think its rachelle all!!


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