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Just wondering - whos got their eclipse tickets already - and when does eclipse come out near you??



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I got mine three days ago!! I'm going to a midnight screening with my best friend, my sister, and my mom!! Eclipse comes out on the 9th of July in England (Which is so unfair) but i'm going to an advanced screening so i get to see it on the 2nd instead...ARHHHH! CANT WAIT!! ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!! :)
I gt mine already...I bought On may 15th and the movie comes out on June 30th in the and my best friends are goin...I can't wait....
In the Portland, Oregon, USA area, Eclipse premiers on June 30th.
I am going to the red carpet in L.A. 1st. Gotta get my tickets in the next few days. I want to do the whole AMC 3 movies back to back thing if possible. So that is what I will try to get in the next few. But in L.A. if you camp out on the red carpet they give you passes to the screening with the actors. I got to stand maybe 3 inches away from Rob and Taylor at the New Moon Red Carpet. They were very kind to the fans, and I didnt camp out then. This time I definately will, got the sleeping bag ready and everything!!!!
where do u get redcarpet tickets? anyone know and is ther a premeire a few days before eclipse comes out or just the nite before? please let me know thx!
bought mine 2 days ago and I will be going to Metropolis Antwerp (Belgium). we have Twilight night so it starts 29th of june 19.30 PM and then they show twilight and new moon and at 1 past midnight they will show eclipse. AND AND AND Ashley greene and Xavier Samuel will be watching the movie with us :p <33

wow...really thats amazing!!! Ashely and Xavier will be there - jelouse!! :) *smiles*
I know. and our cinema has 2 rooms voor twi night so I hope i'm in the room where they are otherwise i'll be going ballistic :p
i do and it comes out here the 30th but im going the 29th.


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