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Your Favorite Scenes Which Should Surely Be In ECLIPSE:THE MOVIE

Hey, I was just thinking dat wat wud b the favorite scenes dat everyone wud want in ECLIPSE......
u noe mine wud be especially dat one-
CHAPTER- Wager where Jacob kisses Bella forcefully and Edward then stands for her woman...

Hey please tell me yours tooooooo..........

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The scene where after Bella leaves Jake's house and she starts crying, I'd love to see how Kristen could take that part on espicially over Rob abd seeing how he comforts her! and the scene with Bella/Jake/Edward at school!
the sleeping bag scene is my favorite just because it really does show the strain that bella goes through by deciding who she wants more - edward or jacob
My fav would be.. Hmm I have so many xD. But I think the tent scene. It's gonna be soo Funny :D
Yes! I thought the same exact thing about the tent scene! & the part were bella's tryin 2 b sexy is pretty funny! :-)
1. Rosalies story
2. Jaspers story
3. The tent scene
those r the only 1's i can think of rite now.....
i think the most romantic one. star...
I love the Chapter of COMPROMISE, it's s00000 sweet................
I hope they don't leave out the engagement scene!!
I definately want to see when Alice has kidnapped Bella for the night and she finds a bed in Edward's room. I can't wait to see when Edward shows her the benefits of a bed... :) Also when they are alone for the night while the rest of the Cullen's are out hunting...... and the tent scene. Those are some of my favorites in the book.
i love the tent sence and when charlie gives bella "the talk" lol that was funny!
I absolutely agree that Wager (or...something like friend is borrowing my book so i'm not sure if its that one) should be in the movie. And I also think that umm...Fire and Ice? or is it the one after that? But anyway, where Jake gets a little in Edward's head. And every single detail of Compromise. Especially when Edward asks Bella to marry him again. That was really sweet...
Hey I'm team Edward all the way but one of my fav moments is when Jacob comes to school and remembers how Bella was when Edward left her and Edward sees these images in Jacobs mind .I like this because it proves how much Edward loves Bella how he hates seeing those images,seeing Bella in pain and what he did to her.Also i like how Bella reacts not wanting Edward to have to see those images and be in pain,Telling Jacob to stop it.

I also hope the part where Bella is trying to take her clothes off and Edward tells her to stop and she asks him if he wants to take them off for her. Hilarious.!

I also like where Bella sneaks off to see Jacob and when shes on her way back Edward is following .She just acts like he isn't there. Funny.


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