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Your Favorite Scenes Which Should Surely Be In ECLIPSE:THE MOVIE

Hey, I was just thinking dat wat wud b the favorite scenes dat everyone wud want in ECLIPSE......
u noe mine wud be especially dat one-
CHAPTER- Wager where Jacob kisses Bella forcefully and Edward then stands for her woman...

Hey please tell me yours tooooooo..........

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i love it too....:]
I can't wait to see those scenes too, those are my favorites
i so agree those are some of my favs.
I agree. Those scenes should be really cool. Though I also want to see where Edward asks Bella to stop trying to take her clothes off. The actors are really good (with their emotion) that scene should be funny.
I hope all of these are in the movie to.
mine tooo..!!
that scene...where jacob kisses her, and she punches him!

also the proposal....althought that could be rather funny to watch!

And ermm...i dont no the story about rosalie is pretty good to read, when she finds out about her past....and jasper!

basically i could go on naming the whole i am just going to say ALL OF IT!
hey just 1 scene....
(or at the most u noe 5!)
i can't wait
yea i luv those scenes 2. And Bella was actually kissing him back this time , lol.
I love that scene... when Bella asks Jake to kiss her. :)
When Alice holds Bella hostage, the Porsche........ when Bella punches Jacob, when Edward proposes...... and of course the fight with the newborns/ Seth and Edward fighting Victoria and Riley...... I could go on forever..... but I guess since they're already done filming Eclipse, all I can do is hope............ :)


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