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OK, so there's a song by Taylor Swift called "Love Story" and I think that it fits Bella and Edwards relationship. I want 2 know how many fans of Edward agree with me! So...if u would, plz leave a comment below of what u think of that.
I dont like it when yall put up things like"i hate........."
plz keep that 2 ur self and just say what song U think fits them!!

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i hate taylor swift songs
I think that's perfect!
but i think there's a better song Kiss Me throught the phone is cool
kiss me thru the phone is cool 2!
I think the song Every breath you take by the police it fits them pretty well too
i agree with c.c ,every breath you take does fit them really well
i like it..i think thats rlly cute and plus i love taylor swift
That song is perfect! I always thought of Edward and Bella 2 be like Romeo and Juliet and that's wat the song is about!!

so hot!
i love that picture ,wouldnt mind a huge one to go on my wall


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