The Twilight Saga

What would you have done if you were in Bella´s place?
Would you have hurt Edward by being in love with the mongrel of Jacob?
Do you think you´ll love Edward more than Bella did?

Comment and make other questions in your replies, please.

My answers:
I would have loved Edward more than Bella did because I would have never fall in love with the mongrel and I would treat Edward as if he were a God ( which he is for me).

Do you really love Edward?
How can you show that you are a true fan?


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That´s totally right. She deserved all that pain.
I would love Edward more then Bella did because I would never fall in love with a dog.
Edward would have my heart forever.
I would love Edward more too. I wouldn't be as stupid as Bella was to fall in love with Jacob. It was so pathetic of her. I would wait for Edward to come back for the rest of my life, because there can be no man as perfekt as him. So I think it was very stupid ans selfish of Bella to hurt Edward so much by choosing between him amd Jacob, I would newer hurt Edward so much, he is deffinetly worth more
I would love Edward A LOT more than Bella did. I would let him give me presents and I would wear his wedding ring proudly on my finger for the rest of my life without ever taking it off.
haha thats great
I would love Edward with all my heart and do anything for him. I would never talk to Jacob because he's such a jerk to me
I would pick Edward over Jacob and i would never hurt him ever. I would treat Edward like a prince.


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